28 Mar


The Rouxbe Cooking School Welcomes Chef Fran Costigan as Director of Vegan Baking & Pastry


Fran Costigan, renowned vegan pastry chef, cookbook author and educator joins the Rouxbe Cooking School to develop and teach the world’s first 100% plant-based pastry arts program online.

Fran headshot

Building on the success and increased interest in plant-based instruction, the Rouxbe Cooking School is building the first ever plant-based pastry arts program online. In it’s continuing effort to attract the very best talent, Chef Fran Costigan, an award-winning pastry chef, cookbook author and educator was selected to serve as Rouxbe’s Director of Vegan Baking & Pastry Arts to help lead the development of new instructional content.

Costigan brings over 25 years of experience and leadership to this effort being the one of the world’s top vegan baking experts. She has served as the go-to culinary professional to train conventional pastry chefs and passionate home cooks alike in this subject area.

Since she started teaching her popular Vegan Baking Boot Camp Intensive®, she has helped train hundreds of people who have in turn, successfully helped dispel the notion that world-class baking and pastry depends on eggs and dairy to be delicious. This new pastry arts program will cover the essentials of vegan baking and pastry techniques—tested and proven formulas and approaches to making quality pastry products that stand up to any dessert, anywhere.

“When I first saw Rouxbe, I knew it was going to be a big part of the future of how people learn to cook. Rouxbe’s premium platform and approach to instructional content is the best I have ever seen. After 25 years of teaching vegan pastry arts classes in prestigious brick and mortar culinary schools, I am thrilled about my new role with Rouxbe so that I can help thousands by leveraging the Internet and Rouxbe’s global platform. Now passionate students everywhere, and at any level, will have the opportunity to learn to make modern, irresistible vegan desserts at the highest standard of training,” remarked Costigan.

Initially, Rouxbe will work with Costigan to capture and deliver an engaging online version of her continually sold-out Vegan Baking Boot Camp Intensive®. The goal is to reach thousands, not hundreds of home cooks and pastry professionals that want to expand their expertise in this area. Limited seating will be offered for the first course offering, coming this summer. If you’d like to be notified in advance of this course, please sign-up below.

This initial course will be followed by more in-depth vegan baking and pastry modules with the longer-term goal of offering a full Professional Vegan Baking and Pastry Arts Certification Course.

“We are humbled to have Fran agree to join our team. For years we have been asked by our users to bring baking and pastry into our educational fold. With Fran joining our team, we can now move forward on this initiative and help thousands develop their baking and pastry craft,” said Joe Girard, CEO Rouxbe.

Along with brand new baking and pastry technique content, students can also expect to see some classic recipes and variations for special needs diets such as no oil and gluten free baking.

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About Rouxbe
Founded in 2005, Rouxbe (pronounced “ROO-bee”) is the world’s leading online cooking school for cooks of all levels (home or professional). Rouxbe deliver technique instruction and training to over 170,000 home cooks, culinary students, professional cooks and healthcare professionals in over 180 countries, in multiple languages.


25 Mar


Rouxbe Powered Forks Over Knives Cooking Course Celebrates the Success of Over 3,000 Students


Forks Over Knives and the Rouxbe Cooking School celebrate the success of their students and the positive response after release of their online cooking course.

Since it’s launch in August 2015, over 3,000 students from around the world have learned to cook the Forks Over Knives way, thanks to their partnership with the Rouxbe Cooking School. The course is designed to help people overcome the challenges inherent in transitioning to a plant-based diet by giving them a better understanding of cooking fundaments. The end result—a new level of confidence that is transforming the lives of those that participate.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.14.19 PM

The experience has been fantastic! I am now motivated to create my own recipes and have confidence in being able to cook delicious and healthy meals,” said Sandra C., a graduate of the course.

The course is the first of its kind to be available online. In this self-guided, 90-day course, students dive into cooking fundamentals and learn the basics of plant-based nutrition. The course showcases rich instructional video, live web events, instructor-graded activities, and adaptive learning exercises – all embedded in Rouxbe’s proprietary learning management system.

Richard V. said, “I went from a complete novice in the kitchen to someone who is confident and competent. Thank you!”

The techniques and approaches taught in the course all focus on cooking fundamentals specific to the Forks Over Knives plan, including topics like knife skills, how to cook grains and beans, a variety of moist and dry heat cooking techniques, preparing foods, sauces and dressings without added oils.

“It’s amazing to hear about the life-changing experiences people are having with the Forks Over Knives online cooking course. Every week, I read the posts and am overwhelmed to see how so many people have found great joy in cooking. But the best part are the testimonials about how these important skills are helping our students and their families lead healthy and vibrant lives, says Brian Wendel, President and Founder of Forks Over Knives.

The next course offering is May 3, 2016 and is filling fast. To read more about it, please visit Forks Over Knives Online Cooking Course.

About Rouxbe’s Wellness Programs

Rouxbe provides wellness and health programming for individuals, health care providers and organizations. Rouxbe’s revolutionary online platform delivers cutting edge e-learning solutions that drive and measure learning outcomes and engagement while providing effective, lower-cost alternatives for teaching people the fundamentals of cooking as part of larger lifestyle and preventative health efforts. For more information on culinary wellness or to learn more about Rouxbe, please contact Joe Girard, CEO & Co-Founder at jgirard@rouxbe.com.

11 Mar


The Springs Living Initiates Culinary Training Program with Rouxbe



The Springs Living and the Rouxbe Cooking School are partnering to bring culinary skills training for cooks at multiple communities in the Pacific Northwest.

Rouxbe is pleased to announce the initiation of a training partnership with The Springs Living, a group of independent retirement living, assisted living and memory care communities.

The Springs Living was founded in 1996 to serve as an enriching and compassionate alternative to conventional assisted living facilities that did not meet the needs of their residents. Part of this approach was to develop a culinary culture that exceeds the expectations of both the industry and their clients with strong values around food quality and having appropriate healthy options.

“We strive to deliver culinary excellence by partnering with quality producers who follow ethical and responsible practices, by offering healthy menu choices for any dietary need, by engaging with our residents and supporting our staff.” said Sam Currie, Director of Culinary Services at The Springs Living.

The online training program consists of instructional video content that focuses on foundational cooking techniques used in professional kitchens. The goal is to help kitchen staff across all properties produce deliciously healthy food—meals that meet the wide range of food preferences and requirements of their customers.

In addition, participants can track their learning, take assessments to verify progress, and review course content on demand. Rouxbe course content, consisting of close up HD video instruction and adaptive learning exercises, is available 24/7 from any Internet-enabled device.

“The Springs Living shares Rouxbe’s core mission to support people with quality training with a focus on the health and wellbeing of the residents in each community. They show a real commitment to innovation and health in the assisted living and wellness communities and we are proud to be able to help support these leadership efforts,” said Joe Girard, Rouxbe’s CEO and Co-founder.

About Rouxbe’s Professional Training Programs

Rouxbe provides training and instruction not only to quality restaurants and hospitality organizations, but also for serious home cooks and career changers. Rouxbe’s revolutionary online platform delivers cutting edge e-learning solutions that drive and measure learning outcomes and engagement while providing effective, lower-cost alternatives for training professional cooks. For more information on professional training tools, or to learn more about Rouxbe, please contact Joe Girard, CEO & Co-Founder at jgirard [@] rouxbe.com.

18 Feb


Hemp n’ Dill Ranch Dressing | Oil & Nut-Free


When it’s cold and rainy outside, which these days it certainly is, I find it hard to eat a lot of salad. I often feel more like comforting foods like pasta or baked potatoes lathered in cashew sour cream…mmm… Right, okay, back to what I was saying :-) I just find that I don’t crave a nice big crispy cold salad the same way in the winter as I do in the summer — that’s where this delicious dressing and the whole bowl comes in.

Hemp & Dill Ranch Dressing

Here I tossed the salad we tossed some hearty lettuce (kale, radicchio, endive and green leaf) with some of the dressing. I then topped the salad with some steamed broccoli and a few pieces of roasted baby sweet potatoes and then I finished the bowl off with a few more teaspoons of the dressing as well as a bit of additional seasoning. Not only was this so very tasty, it also satisfied that comfort-y, yet healthy part my body was craving. I think it’s something about the combination of warm vegetables and the roasted sweet potatoes, along with the creamy dressing that really hits the spot. This was actually our Rouxbe staff lunch the other day, and I can honestly say that everyone really liked it—or so they said :-)

Hemp & Dill Ranch Dressing Ingredients

The ingredients are quite simple — and the dressing can whipped together in about 10 minutes, which is a bonus.

Hemp & Dill Ranch Dressing (or dip)


  • 3 tbsp minced fresh dill
  • 3 green onions, finely minced
  • juice of 2 lemons (approx. 1/2 cup)
  • 1 cup raw hulled hemp seeds
  • 1 to 2 tbsp Dijon mustard*
  • 2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • 1 tsp vegan Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tsp agave (or sweetener of choice)
  • 1/2 to 3/4 cup water (or non-dairy milk)**
  • sea salt, to taste
  • freshly ground black pepper, to taste


To make the dressing, place the hemp seeds, lemon juice, Dijon, garlic powder, onion powder, nutritional yeast, Worchestershire, agave, a good pinch of salt and pepper and a 1/2 cup of water (or non-dairy milk) into a high-speed blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Check the consistency, adding more water, a bit at a time, as needed.

Once done, pour the dressing into a bowl and add the green onions, fresh dill and stir to combine.

For a more detailed recipe with a few extra notes etc. here is the link to the recipe on Rouxbe.

Hope you enjoy it. If you make it, please feel free to add your feedback to the comments section of the recipe.

Ciao for now,


08 Jan


Former French Culinary Institute President and Chief Operating Officer Gary Apito Joins ROUXBE as VP Operations


Vancouver, BC, Canada, January 8, 2016 – Rouxbe Online Cooking School (Rouxbe) has hired former French Culinary Institute (FCI) and International Culinary Center (ICC) President and Chief Operating Officer Gary Apito as Vice-President of Operations. Apito will bring to Rouxbe, over two decades of culinary and career school expertise to the growing table at the world’s leading online cooking school.

Gary led FCI as Chief Operating Officer through its biggest growth period as it scaled revenue by tenfold, grew its square footage from 10,000 square feet of space to over 100,000, and added a west coast acquisition of the former Professional Culinary Institute in Silicon Valley California during his tenure.

As VP Operations, Gary will join the outstanding Rouxbe leadership team to continue their rapid expansion into the online institutional training sector which now provides professional cook training at over 190 progressive food service establishments around the world in English, Mandarin, Arabic and Spanish.

Rouxbe CEO Joe Girard shares, “Gary has been on our radar since we met in 2009. We could not be happier to have him join our team and know well the intelligence, passion, and commitment to excellence that is his hallmark.”

Apito remarked, “After seventeen years at one of the most prestigious bricks and mortar culinary Institutes in the world, this new role with Rouxbe is the perfect opportunity to launch online awareness of the remarkable content and learning management system at Rouxbe. Culinary education continues to evolve as evidenced by so many recent culinary school closures across the country, and the rapid rise of online alternatives to conventional education and training. Passionate students deserve a flexible, low- cost option at the highest standard, and Rouxbe is that platform”.

Rouxbe has grown dramatically in recent years and has developed specialized programs at the highest caliber, including both Professional Cook and Plant-Based certification programs. Their enterprise division has acquired top brand clients like Marriott International, Waldorf Astoria New York City and Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services to train and professionally develop their staff. In its wellness division, Rouxbe’s Culinary Rx course, provides a food-first approach to medicine, delivering an online, self-paced, cooking and nutrition course that healthcare professionals prescribe to their patients or clients. This instructor-guided cooking course has the potential to be one of the most influential and life changing wellness experiences of its kind.

About Rouxbe
Founded in 2005, Rouxbe (pronounced “ROO-bee”) is the world’s leading online cooking school for cooks of all levels (home or professional). Rouxbe deliver technique instruction and training to over 170,000 home cooks, culinary students, professional cooks and healthcare professionals in over 180 countries, in multiple languages.

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