Why Small is Sometimes HUGE – (Moccia Italian Meat Market)

by · June 17, 2009

The store front of Moccia (here in Vancouver, BC) is rather small and their selection is not overly extensive; however, their products and service are outstanding. Perhaps it’s because they’re family owned and operated or perhaps it’s just because they believe in and love what they do. You can read more here about their philosophy.

Their salami (especially the one with whole fennel seeds) is so good that I drive across town for it. It has such a nice consistency and flavor and it’s delicious just sliced and served with some cheese and bread.

However, it’s great with pizza. In fact, it’s so good that I can no longer make my pizzas without it. I have now started to buy the whole piece (which is only about $10). It keeps for oodles of time in the refrigerator, so I always have some on hand.

I think the thing I appreciate most about Moccia, is the fact that they are not huge. They are not trying to be or do everything for everyone. They have found a small niche and they stick to it. In the end, we all win, as this ultimately means that they won’t have to compromise on quality or service. And to me, that makes it worth the trip across town. Oh ya, that and the fact that they give out yummy tasters if you want to try different salamis :-)

So I say, thanks to the “small guys” and those that do what they do “on a smaller scale”

Ciao for now


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