Vietnamese Pho (Noodle Soup) Recipe

by · June 19, 2009

There seems to be quite the debate about whether Vietnamese Pho is pronounced “Fa”, “Fuh”, “Faux”, “Pho” or “Phar – like “Far” with an ever-so-soft “r”. I have spoken to many people about this, even those that grew up eating this soup, and the answer is rarely the same.

For me, it really doesn’t matter what it’s called…just as long as it’s tasty. We recently released a Cooking School Lesson on “Broth-Based Clear Soups” and this was one of the practice recipes. I know that most people go out for Pho, but if you are a fan of the soup (or if you have never had it), you will likely be pleasantly surprised at just how delicious and refreshing it is to make your own. Yes, it does take a bit more effort to make, but it is well worth it. I make a big batch of the broth-soup base and then freeze it. After that, you only need to pick up a few ingredients and you’ll be able to whip this delicious soup together in about 15 minutes.

Happy Cooking!


p.s. for those of you that do care about what it is called, just know that I tried to get those “squiggly” marks around the word “Pho” for about 20 minutes and the code wouldn’t stick. However, you will notice that text recipe for Vietnamese Pho, on Rouxbe, has it. And I am curious…how do YOU pronounce it? I found this interesting site, which is solely based on the “love of Pho“. There you can read and hear what they have to say about its pronunciation (and a whole lot more).

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