Too busy for vegetables?

by · January 23, 2013

Enable a vegetable takeover for ANY Schedule!

Soggy, flavorless, mushy vegetables are no fun. Sometimes, this result can even happen for good cooks because they simply don’t have enough time or have too many distractions when in the kitchen.

One way to getting more flavorful and nutritious vegetables on your plate with each meal is to cook them in batches ahead of time, either by blanching or parboiling. When you are ready to serve, the vegetables can be quickly finished in a variety of ways.

Blanched and parboiled vegetables are only partially cooked, then shocked in an ice bath to stop cooking. Depending on the vegetable, it can be prepared hours or even days in advance–when you may actually have a few minutes to spare.

In the short video “Blanching & Parboiling Vegetables,” part of a larger series on cooking vegetables in water, you will learn the techniques to prepare delicious and nutritious vegetables ahead of time. (Public access expires January 30, 2013.)

Have a veggie-tastic day!
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  1. Anjana says:

    1. What have been some of your healthy choecis so far this week?I have been riding to work every day, eating my oats and rice milk for breakfast, fruit only for snacks, and no bingeing.2. Is there anything healthy you haven’t been doing or have been inconsistent?? Are you working on it?I am inconsistent at dinner time and after dinner. This is where I fall into a big blubbering heap. I am working on getting through one extra hour each day before giving in. Soon there will be no hours left and I’ll be perfect! LOL3. What are you planning for dinner tonight?Hadn’t really thought about it – maybe a vegie fritatta. 4. How many meals do you make sure your having vegetables with?At the moment I am being slack. But have a big trip to the Farmers market planned for this Sunday so will make sure I have at least one massive serve of veg each day.5. Do you love to cook? Or would you rather eat someone else’s cooking or eat out??I really enjoy cooking, but not in the kitchen where I live now. I can’t wait to be back in my own kitchen. I also enjoy eating out but tend to make bad choecis when I do. :)

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