Us New Zealand Trade Agreement

by · April 13, 2021

Information on the rules of origin and the use of this agreement can be found in The Thailand Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (PDF 262 KB). More information about Thailand CEP can also be found on the MFAT website. Thailand is also a party to the AANZFTA agreement. Distributors should consider what is the most appropriate agreement for their imported/exported products. New Zealand negotiates bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements with the following blocs and countries: Engagement in free trade negotiations is a critical aspect of the process, as the government helps us achieve the best outcome for New Zealanders. Other trade agreements (including the Public Procurement Agreement, the Environmental Goods Agreement and the Information Technology Agreement) NZ also have bilateral trade agreements with Malaysia, Australia and Thailand. Distributors should consider the agreement that is most beneficial to their imported/exported products. The goods can be shipped by a non-party party to the agreement and maintain preference. However, goods must not enter the trade or trade of a party or be subject to certain operations other than unloading, transshipment, deconditioning and other procedures necessary to keep the goods in good condition while they are being transported by that party.

In comparison, he said China`s economic growth was achieved through stronger engagement throughout Asia, which was cemented by trade agreements. For the United States, this means that its economic influence in the region is weakening. New Zealand is a party to several free trade agreements (FAs) around the world. Despite the development of strategies to engage more in the region – including an indopagic strategy recently released by the US Department of Defense – Peters said the prospect of European engagement and partnerships was in the region, and a new agreement with New Zealand would help change that perspective. Over the past 20 years, he said, the United States has negotiated only three free trade agreements in Asia – agreements with Australia, South Korea and Singapore. According to the New Zealand government, the United States is New Zealand`s third largest source of direct direct investment (after Australia and Hong Kong). The total stock of U.S. direct investment in New Zealand was $11.3 billion in 2018. U.S.

direct investment in New Zealand focuses on manufacturing, finance and wholesale trade. The space sector is a growth area with joint investments in Rocket Lab and LeoLabs and a new partnership offering NASA scholarships in New Zealand. More than 300 U.S. companies have subsidiaries in New Zealand. Many work through local agents, and some are in joint ventures. According to New Zealand government statistics, the United States was the second most popular destination for foreign investment in New Zealand, with a share of X,X percent of total investment in 2018.

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