Ucf Collective Bargaining Agreement

by · April 13, 2021

Members of Kent`s AAUP-KSU voted overwhelmingly in favour of a new collective agreement. An important judgment, expected shortly by the NLRB, may recognize graduates as university employees entitled to protection under U.S. law, including those related to collective bargaining. Northwestern graduate Matilda Stubbs and Eric Powell, a member of the AAUP Graduate Students United chapter at the University of Chicago, describe what the decision might mean to them. The Oregon Employment Relations Board announced Wednesday that United Academics has been certified at Oregon State University as the exclusive negotiator for the faculties of teaching and research at OSU. Since the August 2016 NLRB shutdown, which extended the bargaining rights of higher education graduates at private universities, university unions have spread rapidly over the two years. The National Labor Relations Board decided that research and postgraduate teaching assistants were entitled to collective bargaining under the National Labor Relations Act. Non-Tenure-Track-Faculty at the UIUC obtained an interim contract with the University of Illinois and voted to cancel its two-day strike. Collective bargaining has developed as a means of improving the working conditions of teachers. Senior administrators should not consider this a threat to their sector – the real threat is a single-use staff. Bethany Letiecq, a professor of family science and president of the Mason AAUP chapter, said faculties and students had worked with the university to develop new strategies that would create a public record of gift agreements in the future.

However, she said the older agreements were still kept secret. Faculty members` hackles have recently been discussed about the terms of their institutions` agreements with online program management providers — and their involvement in defining these conditions — Today, AAUP wants to strengthen trainers in these debates with a resource toolkit under the umbrella of “education instead of privatization.” Illinois` contingent faculties respond to instability and inadequate compensation through union activism. Julie Schmid, Executive Director of AAUP, contradicts claims that PhD students should not have conventional rights because they are primarily students, not employees.

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