Tribute Agreement Template

by · October 12, 2021

Nina thinks the most important part of the deal is figuring out what will happen if a member leaves the group. “While it`s not fun to think about it, you really don`t want loose ends. You want to avoid a case where someone could file a complaint for their part of the group. They could ask for payment for concerts that were booked while they were still in the band. They were able to get their cup of 25 shows that they didn`t play. With an agreement, the group works better.¬†Your band contract should serve as a guide to resolve any issues you or the band members have now, as well as to address any issues you think may arise in the future. At least be sure to cover topics like: As soon as it seems like the group is “stable,” you should talk to everyone about what the level of engagement actually is. Bring the idea of a group agreement to the group. Explain why this is important and how it will help. (In fact, it could make people happy to know exactly what is guaranteed to them as a member of the group.) Then choose a time to elaborate the details. We recommend using this music biz Academy tape convention template to get started, but be sure to tailor it to the specific needs of your band.

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