The Votes Have Been Cast | This Month’s Rouxbe For Life Donations

by · June 22, 2012

You may recall that last month we reported the re-launch of Rouxbe for Life, our Engine of Contribution. In short, each month Rouxbe will contribute 5% of profits and you, our students, vote on where you’d like us to allocate the money.

Well, the votes have been cast and we’ve tallied them up. This month you voted to allocate the funds as follows:

35% of the votes went to imagine1day and the building of schools in Ethiopia. This month we helped to start the excavation. “A gift everyone will dig. Each classroom plot is excavated to make way for the school’s foundation. In Ethiopia, the laborious task of top soil removal is done by hand but can be completed in as little as three days.”

15% of the votes went to global giving and the project that helps to educate and feed 85 at-risk kids in Kenya. “This project provides school fees, meals and care to 85 vulnerable children at a nursery school and daycare in Kibera, Kenya who are orphaned or whose parents are unable to provide food and tuition.” So far, this project has raised over $38,000 dollars. There is only $11,000 more to go until the project is complete.

Another 25% of the votes went to the global giving project to build a well in South Sudan. “Water for South Sudan, Inc. will build a well with hand pump in the new country of South Sudan to bring the first fresh, clean water to a village. Girls & women will no longer have to walk miles each day to get water they need.” At over $7,100 dollars raised to date, this particular project is just about at the halfway mark for funding.

Rounding out the votes, another 25% of votes went to the WFP School Meals Programme. “Children are fed breakfast, lunch or both in school. Studies show it is more difficult for children to learn without adequate food and nutrition. There are 66 million primary school-age children who attend classes hungry across the developing world, with 23 million in Africa alone.” This month we were able to help feed over 1,000 children.

Thanks everyone for voting! For those of you that have no idea what we are talking about, you can read more and vote here.

A big “whoop whoop” from the Rouxbe team!


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