tarte Tatin (Apple Tart) Video Recipe

by · May 6, 2008

This classic French tart is so yummy! It’s an impressive dessert of caramelized apples and crispy puff pastry, which is served upside down.

The story of tarte Tatin, [and no I’m not spelling it wrong, it’s tarte Tatin, with a capital “T”, on Tatin], is said to be named after two French sisters, named the Tatin sisters. The french call it “tarte de demoiselles Tatin” – which means, “the tart of two unmarried women named Tatin”.

Apparently, it started out as a mistake, but rather than throwing it out, they topped it with puff pastry and served it upside down…and everyone raved about how great it was! If only all accidents ended so deliciously!

Watch the full tarte Tatin Rouxbe Video Recipe.

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