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09 Mar


How to Roast Vegetables | Rouxbe Cooking School Lesson


Roasting is an effortless way to cook vegetables. All you need is just a bit of salt, pepper, oil and a hot oven and you can transform nearly any vegetable into something intensely-sweet with a caramelized exterior and a soft, moist interior. When cooked properly and to the right doneness, roasted vegetables not only look beautiful, they have a delicious and earthy flavor that pairs well with almost any dish.

In this Rouxbe Cooking School lesson on How to Roast Vegetables, you will learn how roasting affects vegetables. You will also learn how to prepare vegetables for roasting, how to roast vegetables, test vegetables for doneness and how to finish and serve roasted vegetables.

Happy Cooking!

The Rouxbe Cooking School Team

02 Sep


Mexican Corn Recipe – It’s So Good You Might Just Cry


In all honesty, this Mexican Corn is so tasty that you will actually be very very happy, as will your guests, when you serve this delicious corn.

This is the perfect time of year to buy some fresh, tender corn and enjoy this mouth-watering treat. It may sound strange at first…mayonnaise, feta cheese, lime juice and chili powder on corn – WHAT the heck? But trust me (and the millions of others who have tried this and loved it), it is really something you have to try and experience to understand just how good it is.

If you are lucky enough to have an abundance of fresh corn, then you may also want to try this recipe for Butter Baked Corn.

Have a great long weekend ya’ll and happy corn eating!


p.s. out of curiosity does anyone else cut the corn off the cob to eat it? or is that just me? :-)

31 Aug


Grilled Baby Carrots with Fresh Thyme and Maldon Salt


These carrots make for a sexy, yet healthy, and delicious side dish. We just happen to have some nice carrots growing in our garden this year and this has been my favorite way to cook carrots this season.

Baby carrots are tossed with fresh thyme and  just a touch of olive oil. 

They are grilled on the bbq for about 10 minutes until they are just tender.

To finish, they are tossed with Maldon salt (fleur de sel or another fancy salt would also work nicely. I am just currently re-in-love with Maldon salt. It just feels so great when you crush those beautifully shaped crystals between your fingertips).

If you haven’t yet tried Maldon salt, be sure to give it a try. A box is about $8 but a little goes a long long way.

Here is the full recipe for Grilled Baby Carrots with Fresh Thyme and Maldon Salt (not that you actually need a recipe).

Ciao for now


13 Jul


How to Steam Vegetables | Rouxbe Cooking School Lesson


Steaming is an ideal cooking method for almost any vegetable. Not only does steaming help to retain most of the vegetable’s nutrients, it also helps to preserve its shape and vibrant color.

In this Rouxbe Cooking School lesson on How to Steam Vegetables, we will show you how to prepare, steam and test vegetables for doneness. You will also learn how to finish and season vegetables in ways that will complement their natural flavors. You will also learn how to store steamed vegetables, so you can quickly and easily incorporate them into other dishes throughout the week. There are plenty of practice exercises, so get out your steamer and get cooking!

Happy Steaming!

The Rouxbe Cooking School Team.

11 May


Roasted Red Peppers | Spanish Pimientos


Just the other day one of my good friends Cindy sent me a note saying that she has been haunted by these roasted red peppers ever since I made them for her a few months ago. I was staying with Cindy and her husband and I thought the least I could do was cook for them to thank them for sharing their home with me.I thought these peppers would be a nice snack while we were sitting around chatting and enjoying  a nice glass of wine. I served them with some Grilled Iranian Flat Bread, along with some Hummus and a few different varieties of olives (my favorite being these delicious Spanish olives).


After charring the skin for easy removal, the peppers are baked with red pepper juice, plenty of olive oil and Maldon salt.


Red peppers, once roasted, are sweet and full of flavor…but take roasted red peppers and bake them and you’ll enhance their sweet flavor even more.

These delicious peppers are also great alongside grilled meats, in sandwiches, pastas, frittatas, salads or on crostini as an easy tapas.

Here is the step-by-step recipe for Roasted Red Peppers | Spanish Pimientos.

Happy cooking!