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29 Nov

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Tuna-Less Tuna Salad


This delicious “tuna” salad contains no tuna, egg or dairy. It is made with chickpeas, red onion, celery, pickles and nori seaweed (for that “from the sea” taste). The flavors in this salad are united by vegan mayonnaise, an emulsion that incorporates a protein to become stable. (e.g., Soy or pea protein are commonly used.)

This completely vegan mixture may not be full of fish, but it sure is full of flavor. Click on the image below to view the full recipe.

Have a Sen-sea-tional Day!

The Rouxbe Online Cooking School Team

05 May


Arrabbiatta Pasta – wHy I haVe EaTen thiS for 3 MoNths StrAight!


This will sound crazy, but this pasta is so good that I have “lit-erally” (as it is said by Rob Lowe, in Parks and Recreation, for those of you that watch it) eaten this pasta every single Saturday for the past 3 months.

proof that the simplest things in life are often the best

Okay, it’s not just because it’s that good – which it is – it’s because I have been training for a marathon since January. In our training, we are encouraged to find a meal that works for us and practice eating it before our long Sunday runs. Once you find what works for you, you sort of feel compelled to stick to it because you can’t make too many chances when you are out there running for 3-4 hours.

Arrabbiata sauce, which is Italian for angry, is a sauce made with garlic, tomatoes, red chili flakes and olive oil.

chilies, onions and garlic are slowly cooked to bring out all of their goodness

That flavor base is then deglazed with white wine and then rich tomato passatta is added. The final sauce is fiery red in both color and flavor. Don’t be afraid though – it’s not too hot and you can totally control the amount of chilies you add anyway.

fiery red and full of flavor

This sauce goes well with any type of pasta. It also happens to pair well with many other dishes. For instance, Chicken Parmigiana and this sauce would totally be friends :-)

This afternoon (our big carb loading meal) is the last time I will be enjoying this pasta dish for awhile because tomorrow (Sunday May 6th) is race day! Actually depending on when you receive this post, I be currently running as you read this. Wish me luck!

Hope you all enjoy this dish as much as I have.

Ciao for now,


11 Apr


The Full 21 – Power Cookies


These cookies are my take on the Power Cookies from Capers, a local community market here in Vancouver…you might also know them as Whole Foods :-)  I once tried to get the recipe, but there was no way they were going to give it up…so off to the kitchen I went. I think I made about 10 batches of cookies before I found something that I was happy with. In fact, some say these are even better than “their” cookies…but I’ll let you be the judge.

Because they are full of nuts and seeds, I would venture to say that they are not a “diet” cookie. I usually make them and pack them along for the ride whenever we do something outdoorsy…like a hike or a long walk.

I have made these a few times for a running group that I am lucky enough to be a part of and I can honestly say that no one seems to be worried about a few extra calories or a bit of chocolate. We are all currently, training for the BMO half marathon in Vancouver, which btw I like to call the “FULL 21” because who wants to do 1/2 of anything; right? Hence the name of the cookies.

Hope you enjoy them. Here is a link to the full text recipe for these nutty little energy-boosting cookies.

Ciao for now


UPDATE: I am currently training for my first marathon. I figured since I turned 42 years old this year, it would be a good time to run 42 kms :-) So now I guess these do not necessarily need to be called “The Full 21” anymore!

09 Mar


How to Roast Vegetables | Rouxbe Cooking School Lesson


Roasting is an effortless way to cook vegetables. All you need is just a bit of salt, pepper, oil and a hot oven and you can transform nearly any vegetable into something intensely-sweet with a caramelized exterior and a soft, moist interior. When cooked properly and to the right doneness, roasted vegetables not only look beautiful, they have a delicious and earthy flavor that pairs well with almost any dish.

In this Rouxbe Cooking School lesson on How to Roast Vegetables, you will learn how roasting affects vegetables. You will also learn how to prepare vegetables for roasting, how to roast vegetables, test vegetables for doneness and how to finish and serve roasted vegetables.

Happy Cooking!

The Rouxbe Cooking School Team

31 Aug


Grilled Baby Carrots with Fresh Thyme and Maldon Salt


These carrots make for a sexy, yet healthy, and delicious side dish. We just happen to have some nice carrots growing in our garden this year and this has been my favorite way to cook carrots this season.

Baby carrots are tossed with fresh thyme and  just a touch of olive oil. 

They are grilled on the bbq for about 10 minutes until they are just tender.

To finish, they are tossed with Maldon salt (fleur de sel or another fancy salt would also work nicely. I am just currently re-in-love with Maldon salt. It just feels so great when you crush those beautifully shaped crystals between your fingertips).

If you haven’t yet tried Maldon salt, be sure to give it a try. A box is about $8 but a little goes a long long way.

Here is the full recipe for Grilled Baby Carrots with Fresh Thyme and Maldon Salt (not that you actually need a recipe).

Ciao for now