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23 Nov

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Rouxbe & Chad Sarno Assembling an Army of Plant-Based Cooks to Change the World


We are excited to announce a preview of our most ambitious project:

Rouxbe’s Plant-Based Professional Certification Course

This is a major step forward with our course offerings. With this course we switch gears from a focus on the casual, yet serious home cook, to the professional cook that wants to develop their skills and knowledge to lead industry and global wellness change.*

The Certification

Rouxbe seeks to train a small army of cooks, chef instructors, life coaches, health advocates and healthcare professionals, that will help us lead industry and wellness change. This certification course is the first step towards driving this change. It will not be for everyone. It is extensive, requires a serious time commitment, has a high standard for a passing grade, and a six-month time limit for completion. But for those of you to whom it appeals, we know it will change your life, as you help to change the lives and health of others.

With this course you will experience our highest level of chef support, including live sessions with our chef instructors, many challenging new exercises and more rigorous assessments that will stretch your plant-based brain, not to mention the way you think about food and cooking in general. This course will move you beyond recipes to a new level of culinary awareness – one that will get you thinking and improvising like a professional cook.

Given the comprehensive nature of this course and instructor interaction, this course is limited to only 250 students and will cost students $1,499.99 USD (discounted at $999.99 for this inaugural offering only).

Please keep in mind that all of the instructional content from this course will also be packaged up for general Rouxbe site members in smaller, less demanding course offerings that have no time limit. So if you’d rather follow along at your own pace, the content will become available to you over time outside of this course.

Course launch date is January 20, 2014. If you want in, you’ll need to enroll right away by selecting your seat (note: please ensure that you are logged in and have a proper profile picture – no pictures of your cat please).

If you have any questions about the Plant-Based Professional Certification Course, please contact us directly at studentservices@rouxbe.com.

* While this course is an “animal-free” culinary course, we will also be offering a Professional Culinary Certification Course in the New Year that will mirror the rigorous training students receive in professional culinary programs. Sign up here to get on our mailing list for more announcements about this!

19 Sep


Renowned Plant-Based Chef & Educator, Chad Sarno, Joins Rouxbe


Welcome to Rouxbe, Chad!

We are so excited to welcome Chad Sarno to the team. In his role as Director of Plant-Based Education, Chad will help Rouxbe expand the scope and reach of its plant-based cooking courses and health and wellness initiatives.

Most recently, the senior culinary educator for Whole Foods Market’s Healthy Eating Program, Chad brings over 15 years of health-focused culinary and educational experience to Rouxbe.

Chad has contributed to numerous cookbooks and publications, and is a frequent guest on dozens of food-focused television and radio programs globally. Most recently, he and Kris Carr co-wrote Crazy Sexy Kitchen: 150 Plant-Empowered Recipes to Ignite a Mouthwatering Revolution, which immediately landed on the New York Times best-sellers list.

“Rouxbe is a game-changer. Its current plant-based courses address the three greatest challenges people face when diving deeper into taking control of their health and plant-based cooking: accessibility, value and sustainability,” says Chad. “And the fact that it’s online, affordable and supported by instructors and a community means that anyone—absolutely anyone—can take it at their own pace and learn how to cook plant-based foods.”

Chad’s initial focus will be to help Rouxbe develop a strategy into the health and wellness sector, along with developing and launching an online certification program in plant-based cooking. This comprehensive course will be aimed at food and health professionals, educators, and committed home cooks who want deeper knowledge and skills development.

Says Joe Girard, founder and CEO of Rouxbe, “Chad has helped many people realize how delicious and nutritious a plant-based diet can be. His expertise, enthusiasm and approach to plant-based and healthful cooking is a perfect fit for what we’re doing at Rouxbe, and we’re thrilled to have him join our team.”

In addition, Chad will help Rouxbe further connect with the corporate wellness community to help companies and employers develop programs to reduce healthcare costs. “How do we address the obesity crisis? By getting people to cook, to eat whole foods, to eat healthful foods. With Rouxbe’s platform, we can do it,” says Chad.

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