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12 May


Ya Win Some – Ya Lose Some!


With so many fresh vegetables starting to appear, I was inspired to try a couple of different recipes. Awhile back, I saw a recipe for braised radishes and shallots. In my head, I thought, “this could be interesting”…

I really like radishes and have never had them cooked. They were easy to prepare and fairly quick to make, but in the end, I didn’t love them. Even though I knew that braising would soften the texture, they didn’t meet up to my expectations. They also looked like yummy baby red potatoes, so when I bit into them, my taste buds were actually anticipating something quite different. It’s amazing how much we eat with your eyes.

Next, I tried a recipe for roasted kale. I love love love kale and I am always looking for new ideas. My favorite ways to eat kale are either lightly sautéed or braised. Here is a delicious and easy recipe for Braised Kale.

Now, this recipe for roasted kale said to lightly coat the kale in extra-virgin olive oil and a bit of salt and roast for about 5 minutes. Then re-toss and roast for another 10 minutes. In my gut, I didn’t have a very good feeling about it; but, I thought by some soft of magic, the kale might actually turn into some kind of delicious kale chips. Instead, imagine kale that had been left out to dry in the hot sun for at least 3 weeks…and that was only after about 5 minutes of roasting. So sorry Mr. Kale!

In the end, dinner was still yummy, but I will not make either of these side dishes again. It is always good to apply basic techniques to various ingredients to see which suits your taste buds best. For some I suppose that the roasted kale might be nice. Sometimes you can hit the jackpot and sometimes you can fall quite short. It’s how you really learn about ingredients and the world of cooking.

What about you? Are you adventurous in the kitchen? Or do you just stick with what works and don’t vary things up a whole lot?

Ciao for now


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