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23 Jan


What is Your Favorite Kitchen Gadget?


Okay, let me start off by saying, I think that most kitchen “gadgets” are useless! I have seen some doozies in my days – has anyone ever heard of the “butter cutter”?  I also think it is interesting that often the people with the most gadgets are the ones that usually do the least amount of cooking!

So, why would I ask what your favorite gadget is then…is it some kind of set up? No, it’s not. I just know that everyone has their secret gadget…but maybe you don’t like to talk about it. So what is it? Is it a garlic press? Maybe it’s pizza scissors. WHAT!!! YOU SAY…PIZZA SCISSORS? That’s right folks, pizza scissors. I can just imagine where I would store these. And what about getting them sharpened…”ah ya, I’d like to get these sharpened please…”


Okay, maybe I am getting carried away with that one, but I do have a secret gadget that I use. I only just bought it last month. Years ago my friend Leah (from culinary school) had a garlic peeler tube (similar to the one in the image below). It seemed to work really well and I knew it didn’t take up much space, but I never wanted to buy one as I thought, “Oh come on, like I need that silly little gadget”. Yet, every time I would peel garlic, I would say, “Crap, peeling garlic sort of drives me crazy.” Also, the fresher it is, the harder it is to peel.

Garlic Peeler Tube | Cool Gadget

So, last month I took the dive and I bought one of these little garlic peeler tube thingys and you know what – I use it and I like it! Just gently roll the garlic in the tube and the skin just pops right off.

Garlic peelers like these can be found in most kitchen stores. The one featured above is from Williams-Sonoma.

So tell me, “what’s your secret gadget”?

Ciao for now


25 Aug


New Favorite Thing in the Kitchen


You may be thinking, why is Dawn blogging about a dishcloth? Well, I am always on the hunt for things that make my life a bit better, easier and/or cleaner in the kitchen and recently I found something that does just that. Dishcloths here at Rouxbe are one of the most used things in the kitchen. They are being washed and/or bleached on a daily basis and we go through tons of them.


This new dishcloth that I just discovered is super strong and durable, yet surprisingly soft. It is also much more absorbent than regular cotton dishcloths. It is made from 8 layers of 100% natural rayon viscose, which apparently is some sort of wood pulp fiber (a renewable resource). Oh ya…I also wanted to mention that the big selling feature of this dishcloth is the fact that it is not supposed to SMELL – you know how dishcloths can get  that sort of “eew-gross-smell” to them even only after a day or so (I will let you know if this is not the case, but so far so good).

I have no reason to promote this dishcloth, it wasn’t a gift from the company or anything (I paid $2.99 CDN, at The Gourmet Warehouse and I don’t even get a professional discount).  I just wanted to share my find with anyone else who wishes there were better dishcloths out there.

Happy Cleaning!