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24 Sep


My Cousin “Panini”


What a great movie (okay it’s supposed to be “Vinny”…what’evs!). I love love love sandwiches. Honestly, I think I could eat them everyday.

Certain ingredients just beg to be put between two slices of bread! Sometimes I just open up the fridge and voila, there are the ingredients to a delicious sandwich, staring me right in the face.

The other day I just happen to have the following in my fridge…hummus, feta cheese, chile n’ spice grilled chicken, fresh basil and some roasted red peppers– ah yes please!

Talk about a party…every bite was like a celebration of awesome ingredients. I know you may think I am exaggerating but I was in heaven!

Now, I know not everyone is a “sandwich person”, in fact, I even know some people who don’t even really like sandwiches (gasp!)…but I am curious are you a sandwich person? And if so, what’s your favorite?

buen appetito – and happy sandwiching!