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26 Apr


The Cooking Slot-Machine a.k.a. Learn the Skills Behind Cooking


You may be wondering what the “Cooking Slot-Machine” is all about. I’ll get to that in a minute. In a nutshell, it’s related to how we teach here at Rouxbe and how you should think about the cooking school lessons. Why? Because we do things differently!

As an example, instead of teaching you how to make a braised dish, we teach you how to “braise”. Braising is a cooking method or process that involves a number of extremely simple techniques. Once you learn these techniques, you will be able to braise anything you like (well not oatmeal, but hopefully you get my point).

Our most recent lesson on How to Stir-Fry is another great example. In this lesson, we teach you about the main components of a stir-fry and how they should be prepped. Then we take a simple or basic stir-fry and focus all of our production energy and expertise to teach you the process and techniques behind stir-frying. At the end, we try and help you understand that once you get the process down, it’s a piece of cake (or a “wok” in the park…sorry, I couldn’t help myself). You will be able to make an endless number of stir-fries, simply by changing up one or more of the components. BUT, the execution and techniques are EXACTLY the same. This is where cooking gets really interesting and where recipes provide great inspiration.

Okay, this brings me to our “Cooking Slot-Machine” (drum roll please). Daniela, who is one of our fearless camera/editor peeps, came up with this fun video. It’s really just to emphasize that once you know what you are doing, the world of food and ideas is at your finger tips (or in this case, the “play button”).

Remember, once you learn these skills they will be with you for the rest of your life (just like riding a bike). View each lesson on Rouxbe as it should be viewed – as a process. This process is one that you can trust, one that involves many small, but simple techniques, and most importantly, one that can be replicated to create hundreds, even thousands of dishes. You’ll be very proud of all of your hard work and dedication as you “wok” through it…sorry, I couldn’t help myself again!

Tell us what you’ve created with what you have learned from our Stir-Fry Lesson. And, if you’re not a student at Rouxbe yet, email me directly and I’ll set you up if you promise to try it out.


p.s. Here are some Rouxbe recipes to help guide and inspire you.

After practicing all of these dishes, be proud of all of your hard work and dedication!



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08 Dec


Amazing Crab Salad by Luxirare


Luxirare is always thinking outside the box and this crab salad post/idea is no exception. Avocado and Craby by Luxirare

Imagine a ripe avocado stuffed with a deliciously fresh and tasty crab salad.

Filling for Crab Salad by Luxirare

How does one take all of these ingredients, mix them together and then somehow get them inside an avocado?

Crab and Avocado Filling by Luxirare

Also how does one then reconstruct the avocado to make it look like it’s original-untouched-self, still inside the peel? Curious to see how they did it?

Crab Salad by Luxirare

Here is a link to the post called “Imitation” by Luxirare.

Inside Look of Crab Salad by Luxirare

I can’t say that I would go to this much effort but I can say that I would absolutely love to eat this cool and funky creation!

Upclose of Avocado Crab Salad by Luxirare

Ciao for now- dawn

24 Sep


My Cousin “Panini”


What a great movie (okay it’s supposed to be “Vinny”…what’evs!). I love love love sandwiches. Honestly, I think I could eat them everyday.

Certain ingredients just beg to be put between two slices of bread! Sometimes I just open up the fridge and voila, there are the ingredients to a delicious sandwich, staring me right in the face.

The other day I just happen to have the following in my fridge…hummus, feta cheese, chile n’ spice grilled chicken, fresh basil and some roasted red peppers– ah yes please!

Talk about a party…every bite was like a celebration of awesome ingredients. I know you may think I am exaggerating but I was in heaven!

Now, I know not everyone is a “sandwich person”, in fact, I even know some people who don’t even really like sandwiches (gasp!)…but I am curious are you a sandwich person? And if so, what’s your favorite?

buen appetito – and happy sandwiching!


28 Aug


Pie Lollipops | What a COOL Idea!


Finally… a lollipop you can sink your teeth into! These oh-so-cool lollipops are from a site called Luxirare.

Pie Lollipops by Luxirare

They have tons of step-by-step photos and ideas for different pie fillings.

Pie Lollipops by Luxirare

I can’t say that I would go to this much effort to make these for dessert – at least not just any night of the week.

Pie Lollipops by Luxirare

I do, however, think that they sure would make a memorable conversation piece at a cocktail or dinner party.

Pie Lollipops by Luxirare

For more photos and to read the full post, go to Luxirare. You will see what I mean about how much effort they put into making these super cool lollipops!

If you don’t believe me about the effort they put into things, just look at this post on chips or should I say “crisps”– You have to scroll down a bit, but wait until you do…so cool.

Ciao for now



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12 Jun


Top Ten Shopping Tips


1. Shop Tuesday to Saturday. Did you know that most fresh food starts to arrive on Tuesday and Wednesday to most markets? In other words, if you shop on Sunday or Monday, you are often buying older product.

2. Stay away from marinated meats and seafoods. When meat and seafood starts to get older, many stores bring in fresh and marinate the old. It’s how they cycle food. Sometimes they even charge more for it? Make your own marinade.

3. Ask the experts when looking for specialty ingredients. If you are looking for Thai ingredients, phone your local Thai Restaurant and ask them, where they buy specialty ingredients. They’ll usually help you out.

4. Check dates on dairy. They always push the older stuff to the front of the fridge so you’ll likely need to reach to the back.

5. Get to know your local butcher. If you buy a great cut of meat one day, go back and introduce yourself and say “I just wanted to say thanks… that was the best steak ever.” (same for fish monger). You will become a VIP and get great product every time.

6. Buy local & shop at your local farmers market (most cities have them so find them). Aside from the obvious environment reasons for doing so, the food picked fresh and delivered to local farmers markets, will always be tastier and healthier than food that is transported through from farms, to wholesalers, to distributors, and then finely – days later – to stores.

7. Be picky when buying meats and seafoods. When I order meat or fish, I always wait to see where the person behind the counter will go to grab it. Interestingly, this is usually the older stuff. Ask for another piece near the back or bottom of the pile. Or, say, I’m buying this for a few days from now, do you have anything really fresh in the back?

8. Bring your own environmentally-friendly bags, or better yet, buy a “Feeding Bag. Plastic bags are just plain bad news! Feedbags can be bought at Wholefoods and each bag feeds 100 hungry kids through the World Food Programme’s School Feeding Program – something we are all passionate about here at Rouxbe with Rouxbe for Life.

9. Stop buying dried herbs today if you can buy fresh. There is just no comparison. The one exception, and this is just my craziness here… I kind of like dried oregano better than fresh (I can accept the pending backlash for this statement).

10. Think about people that don’t have food. Every time you eat and/or drop $100 at a store, spend a moment to think about all those around the world and even in your backyard, that don’t even have food. And if so inclined, do something to help. You can start by one day, dropping some food off at a local food bank or getting your family involved, cooking a big pot of spaghetti sauce, then personally taking it down to a local shelter just before dinner. It will change your life.

Have any useful shopping tips you’d care to add?

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