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02 Apr


Rouxbe Cooks Up Partnership with the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM)


Rouxbe Partners with National College of Natural Medicine to Broaden Wellness Reach & Services

We are cooking up a partnership with the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) and we wanted to share a web-based educational experience with you that you may find useful as you learn to cook. NCNM, the oldest and largest Naturopathic College in the US, is hosting a Food as Medicine Symposium webinar event that is focused on the connections between cooking, eating and wellness.

Since we now have many health professionals among our ranks, many have asked about other opportunities that can support their culinary instruction at Rouxbe. NCNM is offering a unique opportunity via a two-day webinar that reinforces the importance of cooking with real, whole foods. But, it’s not just for professionals – anyone can attend this unique event.

This event is open to the general public, as well as to health professionals, for continuing education. It is part of a larger initiative that NCNM is spearheading, and we think it pairs nicely with work we are doing around wellness at Rouxbe and our commitment to getting people back in the kitchen.

Registration Information

April 5 & 6: Continuing Education for Health Professionals.

If you are a healthcare professional and would like CEUs.

Register HERE – enter code rc15 for a 15% discount

April 5th only:  If you are just interested in learning more about the connection between food, cooking and health, you can join the public webinar.

Register HERE – enter code rc15 for a 15% discount.

Stay tuned for more announcements from Rouxbe about health & wellness programming or register for our upcoming Plant-Based Professional Certification Course that starts May 15th.

The Rouxbe Team

08 Nov


Rouxbe Announces Wellness Advisory Board!


Friday, November 8, 2013, Vancouver, B.C.

The day food and cooking is paired with science and nutrition.

Starting back in 2005, we at Rouxbe had a dream – a dream to build and deliver a world-class, cost-effective and approachable cooking solution that will transform lives across the planet through food and cooking. Since then we’ve invested several million dollars in the world’s largest inventory of premium instructional cooking content. We’ve built a powerful teaching platform. We’ve attracted over 120,000 students from 180 countries. All this work was just a prelude to the feature presentation – a product and service that will educate and empower anyone, of any age, to cook their way to better health.

Today we take a GIANT leap forward with the introduction of our formal medical and wellness advisory board. Some of the world’s leading medical and nutrition experts have joined forces with Rouxbe to pair food and cooking with science and nutrition.

“Food can be an extremely powerful tool in preventing, managing, and even reversing some of the world’s most prevalent diseases. As physicians, we can make dietary recommendations but few patients actually know how to cook the ingredients we prescribe. Rouxbe brings the missing ingredient to the table,” says Dr. Scott Stoll.

Coming in early 2014, Rouxbe will be releasing a new series of condition-specific cooking courses that physicians can prescribe to their patients. Patients (and anyone looking to improve their health) can follow the guidance of expert chefs and physicians to cook and eat their way to better health.

Click here to learn more and to get yourself on the list to be the first to receive time-sensitive news and opportunities. (http://rouxbe.com/wellness)

Welcome to all of our new advisory board members. We are deeply honored to have you join our team.

Best Regards,

The Rouxbe Team.

p.s. Please note, we are still actively seeking new advisors to expand our team, including a leading medical / nutrition expert(s) in woman’s health and a registered dietician(s). Preference will go to candidates with clinical research background and to those who believe passionately that food is one of the most powerful preventative and prescriptive forms of medicine.

11 Mar


It’s National Nutrition Month: Throw a Green Smoothie Party for All Ages


You don’t have to be a nutritionist to talk to kids about whole food. This conversation, which helps kids build lifelong skills around taking care of themselves, should be passed on from adult to child. It’s an important conversation to have, like many others in their lives, but it doesn’t have to be boring or awkward. Learning about nourishment can be so fun–especially when you share the time with children. The amazing thing is, most kids know more about whole foods than we think!

Since March is National Nutrition Month, I thought a great way to celebrate food and bring awareness around nutrition was to get into a classroom and  blend up some goodness with kids . I went into a class of sixth graders and together with their teacher, we got the blenders going and threw a Green Smoothie Party. It was a pile of fun, it was simple to do, and not only did the kids learn a few things, but I did, too!

Food is always an exciting topic with grade school kids and, in my experience, is one that keeps them engaged and enthusiastic–sometimes to the point where they are bouncing out of their seats, eager to share what they know about nourishment. This type of conversation can be made even more fun if there is something yummy for you and the children to prepare together.

Why not have a Green Smoothie Party on St. Patrick’s Day in a classroom in your neighborhood? Contact your child’s teacher, do a bit of homework on the ingredients in your smoothie, buy your food and you are ready to go! Just pack up your blender, a knife and some delicious, smoothie-worthy whole foods and go blend and dance and celebrate well-nourished kids!

The idea is to open a dialogue with kids around the subject of whole food. Get them thinking about things like the impact that skipping breakfast has on their body, or how soda pop can make their bones brittle. Ask them what they know about foods and nutrients and get them considering how what they put in their bodies every morning directly affects what they get out of their day. What they know may surprise you!

Here is a recipe to help get you started.


Super Duper Green Smoothie

.    1 avocado (ripe) Good fats for brain health and healthy hair and skin

.    1 small bunch of kale Calcium for bones and B vitamins for energy and brain health

.    1 small banana Potassium for a strong heartbeat

.    1 tsp coconut oil Magnesium to relax muscles, and good fat for brain, tummy, hair, skin

.    1/2 tsp spirulina This is a superfood that comes from the sea. It contains almost all the nutrients you need! It is really a whole food!

.    1/4 cup unfiltered apple cider For natural sweetness

.    1/4 cup mango coconut water (not from concentrate)?Electrolytes your cells need to talk to each other– nature’s sports drink!

.    2 tbsp hemp seed or 1/2 cup organic vanilla greek yogurt Protein for muscle building

.    unpasteurized honey to taste

.    ice (or use frozen banana)


Add avocado, banana, coconut oil to blender. Sprinkle in spirulina. Add apple cider and begin to blend, adding other wet ingredients until desired texture is reached. Add honey slowly until it is sweet enough. Yum!

The food industry assumes that children want beige, bland, sweet and boring food products, and that kids are picky and controlling when it comes to what they eat. That may be true for some, but after today’s Green Smoothie Party, I know differently for sure.

I walked into the classroom full of grade six students, armed with my blender, some kale and avocados, and a sort of twisted sense of adventure. I was a little nervous that this sometimes-judgmental group of preteens might be resistant to drinking something green. I thought they would screw up their faces and stick out their tongues and exclaim nasty things about the green smoothies I was demonstrating as a part of their Whole Foods Nutrition unit in Health. Instead, a fight broke out about who got to have seconds, and even thirds, and whether they preferred spinach over kale.

When I asked them what they thought whole foods were, the answers were surprising: “Food that comes from the Earth”; “Food that has not been processed or changed by chemicals”; and “Food that doesn’t contain additives or preservatives.” They already knew! When I asked how many of them take fish oil supplements at breakfast, about eighty percent of them put up their hands. These kids, from a variety of ethnicities, income levels and neighborhoods are smart. Their daily nutrition and the interest that their parents and their school take in their health has got to have something to do with it.

They knew that sugar suppresses their immune systems, and many of them do their best to avoid it, most of the time. They knew that vitamins give them energy, and that vitamins come from brightly colored plants. They didn’t even balk at my gross-out ace in the hole: showing them that they could eat kale for breakfast. Thank goodness we had something to blend and drink because these kids left very little for me to tell them that they didn’t already know. When it was smoothie time, EVERY kid had a glass, no one scrunched up his or her face in disgust, and as I said, they clamored for more. They told me that their smoothies tasted fresh, scrumptious, delicious, and energizing–words that some adults struggle to use sometimes in relation to food.

I have been practicing nutrition for almost a decade, and I have certainly seen a crescendo in relation to how well-informed children are about their food. This is an encouraging trend. In a world where we hear so much about childhood obesity, the perils of a fast-food lifestyle and early childhood morbidity, it is so refreshing to know that parents and educators are listening. Children are being nourished. And parents are learning and doing the best they can. The courses that Rouxbe has created are brilliant tools for helping families move past the fear, the confusion and the disorganization of trying to prepare nourishing meals.  For the first time in a long time, I’m comforted knowing that kids are getting their veggies. They are growing their minds and bodies, and eating well. And most importantly they are using real food to do this. They are getting into the kitchen, making themselves snacks, and learning one of the most important life skills of all: to feed themselves–one smoothie at a time.

I am heading back to the classroom on St. Patrick’s Day for another Green Smoothie Party, but this time, the spin will be a bit different. The kids will be presenting their ideas to their class on what they would put into their own Green Smoothie. We will choose five different ones from the group that represent different flavors–I’m hoping for one with pineapple, one with berries, one that tastes like salsa and maybe even one with chocolate. We will blend them up, put on some great tunes, and have a Smoothie Dance Party to celebrate the energy we get when we eat and drink whole foods. I can’t wait to see what the kids come up with!



20 Jun


New Instructors: Upcoming Classes Bring Nutrition to the Table


Over the past seven years, Rouxbe has focused on teaching culinary skills, techniques and cooking methods. This will never change. Moving forward, we are excited to inform our students, that included in our upcoming release of Learning Paths, you will begin to see an increased emphasis placed on nutrition. We find it amazing, even baffling, that very few cooking schools teach nutrition, and very few nutrition programs teach cooking. What’s up with that.

We intend to ‘couple’ the de-coupled. Eating has consequences. So expect to see more and more content around basic to advance nutrition in the months and years ahead.

With that said, the other day we introduced you to Najat Kanaache. Today we’d like to introduce a couple of other killer new teammates that will keep us in check and help our users better understand the consequences and opportunities present in the foods we buy, cook and eat.

Christina is a holistic nutritionist, red seal chef and has over 15 years of culinary experience. She is part of the health duo at Rouxbe and teaches our students the why’s and how’s of simple nutrition. She has owned her own business since 2007, Cook Eat Love, which is based on living a whole foods lifestyle with balance.

She has cooked for many people with autism, celiac disease and breast cancer. Her goal is to share the simplicity of delicious whole foods with others.
Her nutritional skills, love for cooking and passion for finding out where our food comes from makes her a great addition to our team.

Barb is a Holistic Nutritionist, Holistic Culinary Expert, Professional Speaker, published author, and owner of Love2Eat. She is a Faculty Member at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and teaches nutrition at the University of Calgary. She is a frequent keynote lecturer for the corporate sector. Barb’s mission is to educate the families of North America about how to make simple changes to their busy lives that will nourish, enliven and keep us active, healthy and strong. Barb is a part of the Health Team at Rouxbe, and has a passion for helping people understand that real, simple, whole food can power a nation. Her holistic culinary background and expertise combines flavour with function- whole, natural foods can profoundly balance health, and still taste amazing!  She celebrates the practices of nourishment, natural health, sustainability and love for the planet with her husband and two young daughters.

Welcome Barb and Christina. We are delighted to have you join our team.

Joe Girard
CEO & Co-Founder of Rouxbe.

27 Mar


Tap Water vs. Bottled Water


Here is a very interesting article from the New York Times called Bottled vs. Tap, written by Green Inc.


Out of curiosity, do you have an opinion one way or the other about this subject? Does it make you question whether or not a bottled water is owned by a company like Pepsi or Coca Cola? I do question this,  but I am no saint when it comes to consuming bottled water. I have been known to drink a few over the years (I used to love Evian water…actually I still do, it’s just so smooth); however a few years ago we switched to filtered tap water and we are quite happy with it.

Happy Hydrating


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