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08 Feb

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How to Cook Grains | Rouxbe Cooking School Lesson


Whole grains are the building blocks of a healthy diet. Not only are they full of vitamins and nutrients, there is plenty of research to support the fact that whole grains help to prevent disease, control weight and aid in digestion.

Blah…blah…blah…we hear this all the time; so, why aren’t people cooking more whole grains on a regular basis? Perhaps it’s because no one ever talks about how delicious they are. Grains are often perceived as boring or being too difficult or time consuming to cook. And once cooked, what does one do with them anyways?

In this Rouxbe Cooking School lesson on How to Cook Grains, you will learn about the anatomy of whole grains. You will be exposed to some common types of grains and learn how to buy grains and how to store both cooked and uncooked grains. You will also learn how to prepare grains for cooking and how to cook grains using the four main cooking methods. Finally, you will learn how to prepare grains in advance and easy ways to incorporate grains into your diet throughout the week. After this lesson, you will have no more excuses for not eating your grains!

Happy Cooking!

The Rouxbe Cooking School Team.

22 Nov


Mixed Vegetable Bulgur Recipe


Looking for a healthy side dish? Bulgur (a.k.a. bulgar, bulghur, or burghul) is produced from whole wheat (most commonly durum wheat). After the grains are cleaned, they are pre-cooked by means of steaming or parboiling. They are then dried and ground into several different sizes: fine, medium, coarse and whole. Bulgur has a mild, nutty flavor and can be found in health food stores and most supermarkets.

Even after processing, this ancient grain maintains many nutritious qualities. It is packed with fiber and contains a good source of protein and iron. Being that it is pre-cooked, it is also quick to make. In this particular dish, the bulgur is first steamed and then mixed with a confetti of cooked vegetables.


The key to this dish is to use a flavorful stock that is well-seasoned to steam the bulgur. Any combination of vegetables can be used to suit your tastes – just as long as they are cut small and cooked until tender. As a bonus, you’ll definitely be able to practice your knife skills when making this dish. The finer and more evenly cut the vegetables are, the prettier it will be.

Here is the step-by-step Mixed Vegetable Bulgur Recipe.

This bulgur would go very nicely with the simple roast chicken from last weeks Cooking School Lesson on How to Roast Chicken.

Happy Cooking!

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