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13 Sep


A Cool Way to Separate Eggs


Since I was sent this video at least 8 times last week, I thought I would share it with you…if you have not already watched it that is. It’s just a fun video on “How to Separate Eggs” – no translation needed.

For those of you without a spare plastic bottle, here is how we separate eggs at Rouxbe…but it’s not nearly as fun!

Separating Eggs

Have a great day!

The Rouxbe Cooking School Team

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26 Apr


The Cooking Slot-Machine a.k.a. Learn the Skills Behind Cooking


You may be wondering what the “Cooking Slot-Machine” is all about. I’ll get to that in a minute. In a nutshell, it’s related to how we teach here at Rouxbe and how you should think about the cooking school lessons. Why? Because we do things differently!

As an example, instead of teaching you how to make a braised dish, we teach you how to “braise”. Braising is a cooking method or process that involves a number of extremely simple techniques. Once you learn these techniques, you will be able to braise anything you like (well not oatmeal, but hopefully you get my point).

Our most recent lesson on How to Stir-Fry is another great example. In this lesson, we teach you about the main components of a stir-fry and how they should be prepped. Then we take a simple or basic stir-fry and focus all of our production energy and expertise to teach you the process and techniques behind stir-frying. At the end, we try and help you understand that once you get the process down, it’s a piece of cake (or a “wok” in the park…sorry, I couldn’t help myself). You will be able to make an endless number of stir-fries, simply by changing up one or more of the components. BUT, the execution and techniques are EXACTLY the same. This is where cooking gets really interesting and where recipes provide great inspiration.

Okay, this brings me to our “Cooking Slot-Machine” (drum roll please). Daniela, who is one of our fearless camera/editor peeps, came up with this fun video. It’s really just to emphasize that once you know what you are doing, the world of food and ideas is at your finger tips (or in this case, the “play button”).

Remember, once you learn these skills they will be with you for the rest of your life (just like riding a bike). View each lesson on Rouxbe as it should be viewed – as a process. This process is one that you can trust, one that involves many small, but simple techniques, and most importantly, one that can be replicated to create hundreds, even thousands of dishes. You’ll be very proud of all of your hard work and dedication as you “wok” through it…sorry, I couldn’t help myself again!

Tell us what you’ve created with what you have learned from our Stir-Fry Lesson. And, if you’re not a student at Rouxbe yet, email me directly and I’ll set you up if you promise to try it out.


p.s. Here are some Rouxbe recipes to help guide and inspire you.

After practicing all of these dishes, be proud of all of your hard work and dedication!



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16 Aug


Fig Pickin’ Day at Rouxbe


Just had to share this. We have a huge fig tree here at Rouxbe Central and we cannot keep up with how many…luscious…juicy and SEXY figs there are.

\So…we invited a few fig lovers over this morning to pick the crop.

(mouse over the pictures to see captions)

\It was a beautiful and extremely hot day…but that didn’t seem to matter. Everyone was out to help.

\It was fun to see everyone out there picking their share of figs and then once they got enough,

Even the cool kids came out to play

\they then helped others gather their fair share.

Okay, some had to gather more because someones’ Mom stole theirs, but to be fair, she couldn’t help herself. She was just too excited.

\This is Tony’s Mom, who’s visiting right now… and this is what she kept saying…in her “oh so cute” Italian accent, “I never see anything so like this in my life…I always remember this day.” If I had offered her a million dollars instead of the figs, I am pretty sure she would have taken the figs hands down.

\It’s so fun to see how people react with certain foods. Figs are certainly a soft spot for many people. They really seem to appreciate how fantastic nature can be. It also makes it just that much better that these figs just happened to be right in our very own backyard!

Thanks everyone…enjoy those figs!!!