Sivar Agreement

by · October 8, 2021

The Turkish armies provided valuable support to Persian operations against the Simko insurgency. The rebellion was quickly suppressed. However, after this rebellion, Major Noel tried unsuccessfully to reunite Simko and other Kurdish nationalist leaders, including Shaykh Mahmoud. The aim was to create a Kurdish alliance to thwart turkish plans. No agreement has been reached between these leaders. [7] There was no general consensus among the Kurds on how Kurdistan`s borders should be, due to the inequality between the Kurdish settlement areas and the political and administrative borders of the region. [18] The contours of Kurdistan had been proposed in 1919 by Şerif Pasha, who represented the Kurdistan Elevation Society (Kürdistan Teali Cemiyeti) at the Paris Peace Conference. He defined the boundaries of the region as follows: but this plan was revived in 1921, after the discovery of Kemalist troops who stood out in tribes south of the ceasefire line. British politicians have resumed considering supporting a broad Kurdish rebellion against the Turks in order to counter their growing strength and influence in the region.

This plan had many drawbacks. This would have a negative impact on King Faisal of Iraq, as the weapons would pass through Iraq into Northern Kurdistan. If the revolt were to fail, it was thought that the British in Iraq would face a massive amount of Kurdish refugees. There has also been constant concern that the Kurdish leadership is unreliable and that Kurdish forces are not united. But the French had agreed with the Ankara government on the basis of the National Pact and not the Treaty of Sèvres. .

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