Sangla Tira Agreement Sample

by · April 11, 2021

This scripture is agreed and implemented between: EMILY URFILLA , an adult couple and lives in THE BLK 9 Lot 12 San Hilarion St. Delpan Tondo Manila, which, in this writing, is called NASA; atSHARON TRANI TAN, adult, married and living in BLK 12 lot 1 San Simon St. Delpan Tondo Manila, which is considered in these writings A SUSPECT; I`m checking. That the OFFENSE (Emily Urfilla) borrowed from the source (Sharon Tan) of the sum ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS (P100,000.00) of the Philippines money where the NAGA (Emily Urfilla) received and processed the first payment FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS (P50,000.00) in September 29, 2013 and the full payment of FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS (P50,000.00) today prove its signature here;2. these debts will be settled after one (1) year or 10 OCTOBER 2014; 3. In response to these debts, the OFFENDER (Emily Urfilla) translated a house into its possession in 917 A DELPAN TONDO MANILA IN THE SOURCE (Sharon Tan); 4. That siNN (Emily Urfilla) as interest on such debts allows source (Sharon Tan) to live in such a house for one year without being paid;5. That the SOURCE (Sharon Tan) is the designated guardian of the Assembly, since it falls under this agreement; My action has been removed from the list, what should I do? Read more ” IN FACT EVERYONE, both parties signed this October 10, 2013 at Delpan Tondo Manila.Emily URFILLA New PES Trading Hours: What time opens? Everyone`s ACCOMMODATIONS VIA THIS SCRIPTURE: Black April in the PES: 13% down and other biggest share losses Read more than 6 euros. That the house really belongs to NASA (Emily Urfilla) and no other debts or sanctuary;7. If the debt is paid by NALA (Emily Urfilla) in a calendar, this letter will be empty and valuable;8. Give the SNAKE (Emily Urfilla) source (Sharon Tan) rents the unit that was rented to 5 thousand pesos (P5,000.00) per month, which is the same amount paid by the source (Sharon Tan) before it was translated into five thousand pesos (P5,000 “00) per month, the same amount as that paid by the SOURCE (Sharon Tan) before being converted into a certain amount of five thousand pesos (P5,000 .00) per month, the same amount paid by source (Sharon Tan) before it is translated into a certain 5000 pesos (P5,000.00) per month.

, paid by source (Sharon Tan) before turning into a certain 5000 pe (P5,000.00) per month, the same amount as that paid by source (Sharon Sharon) before being converted into five thousand pesos (P5,000.00) per month, the same amount pa 9. Which will not be used by the MORT (Emily Urfilla) method of “Restore” of the SOURCE (Sharon Tan) to force it to leave the territory before the end of the payment period. 10. So that the OFFENSE (Emily Urfilla) can renew this writing before or on the day of payment. 11. While this agreement may exist within one year, THE OFFENSE (Emily Urfilla) does not allow this letter to add the source payment (Sharon Tan), but to discuss the additional costs for the OFFENSE (Emily Urfilla) before or during the structure of the verse (according to the tenth agreement that states this inscription). 12. That the OFFENSE (Emily Urfilla) should respect the agreements that are exceeded in this text.

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