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by · May 17, 2012

It’s a great day for all of us here at Rouxbe as today is the day that Rouxbe For Life is officially back on track – and we don’t mean Rouxbe Lifetime Memberships – that’s already back as you know.

For those of you that have been around since we started (back in 2005), you may recall that we used to contribute a percentage of proceeds to Rouxbe for Life – our social contribution initiative here at Rouxbe. And it’s more than just a sidebar program, it’s actually one of the key reasons we exist as a Company.

Watch Video on our “Engine of Contribution”

We’ve already fed over 100,000 hungry school children in developing countries through the World Food Programme school feeding program. To get things started again, we’ve selected a few other key hunger and sustainability programs that we’d like to support, such as school feeding and building schools in developing countries, along with contributing to the building of wells in Sudan and feeding at-risk children in Kenya.

Each month Rouxbe will contribute 5% of profits and you, our students, can help us by voting on where you’d like us to allocate the money. Read more and vote here.

This week we started contributing to the building of a school in Ethiopia by purchasing needed building items – elements such as classroom doors and chalkboards through an amazing organization called Imagine1day. We also contributed to the building of a well, where our contribution will provide the first fresh, clean drinking water in the new country of South Sudan. Lastly, we contributed to a project in Kenya that is trying to save 85 at-risk school children by providing them with school fees, care and meals for an entire school term. Small contributions, but over the lifetime of Rouxbe, with your support, we can make a positive impact.

Additional programs will be identified over time, but please check out the video overviews for the programs we’ve identified to date and cast your vote for next month’s donations.

Welcome everyone to Rouxbe for Life!

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