Professional Culinary Schools Supplement Face-to-Face Instruction with Online Education from Rouxbe

by · July 11, 2013

Students Using Rouxbe In Class


Vancouver, Canada Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rouxbe is pleased to announce agreements with three professional culinary schools—Cascade Culinary Institute (CCI), Oregon Culinary Institute and Culinary Institute of Charleston.

All three schools will begin with a small cohort of students, with Oregon Culinary Institute and Culinary Institute of Charleston set to expand the program to all their students in fall 2013.

Gene Fritz, Director of CCI, says, “We are excited to enhance the student learning experience by leveraging this high quality online platform. Truly, the partnership between Rouxbe and CCI will provide another opportunity to enhance competency-based learning for students while ensuring they are being exposed to techniques that are relevant to their future careers within the restaurant industry.”

Rouxbe has been an integrated part of the curriculum at Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver since 2005. Owner and culinary instructor Tony Minichiello reports that students who watch Rouxbe videos before a demonstration class get more out of their education.

Says Minichiello, “It allows them to have an idea of what they’ll see the next day…They get the technique from Rouxbe, and I can relate the industry information. The more [knowledge] a student brings with them to the table, the more I can do with them.”

“Rouxbe helps culinary schools create a reverse classroom, where students study the course material at home before, then come to class to get a refresher on key points. It primes them for higher-order skills in the classroom, because they’re not there simply to acquire knowledge, but rather to discuss, analyze, and actually apply what they’ve learned,” says Ken Rubin, Rouxbe’s Vice President of Culinary Training and chef educator with 10 years of experience running professional culinary schools.

The team at Rouxbe looks forward to working with these pioneering schools to further develop resources to enhance the level of culinary education available today.

About Rouxbe:

Founded in 2005, Rouxbe (“ROO-bee”) is the world’s leading online cooking school. Rouxbe offers instructor-guided certification cooking courses for cooks of all levels using intuitive learning technology. Courses can be taken on demand, at your own pace. Rouxbe can be found in the kitchens of homes, schools, restaurants and professional culinary academies in over 178 countries.

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