Plain Language Settlement Agreement

by · April 11, 2021

To be clear, I am not talking about “simplified” agreements with fewer words, better titles and cleaner fonts. I am talking about a contract that a high school student with no context or explanation could understand. Robert Eagleson, a scholar on the subject, put it this way: simple language “lets the message get across with the utmost ease.” Some authors use the following accountability clause to ensure that the clear meaning of the words is binding, although it is not really necessary: the results speak for themselves. Simple language has saved GE Aviation`s digital services business a lot of time and money. And customers love it. One customer told us: “The contract worked really well; I prefer a more simplistic approach and written contracts in a way that I can understand. Another said: “The agreement was reasonable to work with her, as you saw with our extremely limited redlining, which was necessary to be executed.”┬áLegalese, this particular dialect of legal language, has a taste for using more than one word where it will be. It`s from tradition or laziness. Many writers believe that sentences like the ones that follow have acquired a particular meaning that represents an improvement over each word.

Most of the time, they`re wrong. I am writing to accept the terms of comparison that you proposed in a letter dated January 16, 2006. The simple procurement of contracts requires courage and commitment. You have to put yourself in the client`s shoes. And it takes patience. At the end of the day, it`s worth it. Traditional language: For the value received, the undersigned promises to pay by this… Latin was the language of the law before the Norman conquest of England in 1066. After the arrival of the Normans, French became the dominant language of education, culture and law. But English survived in the population and prevailed later.

In 1362, the Crown ruled that oral arguments before the court should be in English. In the following century, English was necessary in the statutes; 1731 in the memoirs. Thus, jurists have developed the habit of combining the Latin, French and English words to express their meaning with greater certainty – a habit that is clearly outdated. Although all three companies sold very similar services, they all had their own contracts, a legacy of their pre-GE days. In total, there were seven contracts. They were averaging 25 pages; the longest was 54 pages.

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