Pie Lollipops | What a COOL Idea!

by · August 28, 2009

Finally… a lollipop you can sink your teeth into! These oh-so-cool lollipops are from a site called Luxirare.

Pie Lollipops by Luxirare

They have tons of step-by-step photos and ideas for different pie fillings.

Pie Lollipops by Luxirare

I can’t say that I would go to this much effort to make these for dessert – at least not just any night of the week.

Pie Lollipops by Luxirare

I do, however, think that they sure would make a memorable conversation piece at a cocktail or dinner party.

Pie Lollipops by Luxirare

For more photos and to read the full post, go to Luxirare. You will see what I mean about how much effort they put into making these super cool lollipops!

If you don’t believe me about the effort they put into things, just look at this post on chips or should I say “crisps”– You have to scroll down a bit, but wait until you do…so cool.

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