OH Honey – You’re the BEST!

by · July 28, 2009

This honey is top notch. I know some may think that “honey is just honey” but there are times when the added touch of a good-quality honey can really make a difference. Honestly…I most often use it when I am making desserts. I especially like it when I don’t feel like cooking, and I serve Fresh Fruit, Sour Cream and Shortbread with just a drizzle of this honey over top, people actually say, “Wow, what kind of honey is this? It’s delicious”.

I bought this honey at Les Amis du Fromage but you can order it online directly from The Savannah Bee Company (they also have more recipes for their honey on their site). I personally like the tupelo flavor, but they have many others to choose from.

The flavor of this honey is outstanding. It also never crystallizes, so it will keep for a very long time, which is good because I use it only when I think the flavor will really pop!

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