No-Cook-Dead-Easy Dessert Recipe

by · July 22, 2009

Fresh fruit topped with sour cream, buttery shortbread cookies and drizzled with honey – life couldn’t be better. This is the perfect desert for summer, or when you just don’t feel like cooking.

This dessert is best when berries are at their peak of ripeness and the fruit is sweet and juicy! Simply top with a few dollops of delicious sour cream and then crumble a few cookies over that.

Shortbread cookies add a sweet buttery crunch to this oh-so-easy dessert. You could make your own, but some store-bought cookies can still be quite good – just make sure they are “all-butter” without any preservatives.

Honey is last thing that gets drizzled over top, yet it’s one of the first flavors to hit your taste buds, so make sure to use a good quality honey.

Here is the recipe for Fresh Fruit with Sour Cream, Shortbread and Honey – even though I know you can pretty much figure this one out on your own :-)

Here’s to Sunny Days!


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