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by · October 16, 2012

Hands, ingredients, and equipment: Rouxbe has always been focused on showcasing close-up instruction of culinary skills and techniques rather than celebrity chefs or kitchen studios. But your front-row seat just got even better.

Rouxbe is excited to announce our new site-wide “Large Format” video player. We’ve developed this upgrade in conjunction with the upcoming release of our guided cooking courses.

Watch the short video “New Large Format Video Player” for an overview of the updates, or continue reading below for further explanation.

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I’m excited ­– and I hope you are, too!

Joe Girard
CEO and Co-Founder of Rouxbe


Video Upgrade Overview: Larger Views & Easier to Use

How and when will this change my viewing experience?
Starting today, the Rouxbe video player will display in a new, larger view. This upgraded view provides an optimal balance of comfort and beauty: It still provides the related videos and information you are accustomed to on Rouxbe, only in a cleaner, easier-to-use manner.

Like your old view? Don’t worry; you still have the previous two options available. Now, they are labeled as the “Navigation” and “Full-Screen” views. The default view will be the new “Large” format player.

What are the new features?
There are four key upgrades included in the “Large” format
1)    Full-site width
2)    Repositioned access to related videos
3)    Improved pop-up navigation of related videos
4)    Multi-view selection bar

(1) Full-Site Width
The new player will display videos in an 800-pixel-wide format to focus better on the beauty of the image and less on the technical controls (now hidden until you hover-over the image). This means that the image stretches across the entire width of our site. Below is a screenshot example of the video practice recipe “Chicken Saltimbocca” in this new format.

(2) Improved Drilldown (Pop-Up) Information
Just like before, each piece of related information (drilldown) will display as you watch. Only now, instead of being displayed at all times on the left-hand side of the video as a list, information will display on the underside of the video at the moment it’s mentioned. For example, in the image below, “What is Emincé” is the information related to a specific step in the practice recipe.

(3) Respositioned Access to Related Material (Video or Text Drilldowns)
At any time, you can click the arrow in the bottom-left-hand corner of the video player (next to the drilldown information) to see all the text or video material related to the chapter you are currently viewing. Clicking on this arrow will pause the video player so you don’t miss anything or lose your place in the lesson or video recipe.

(4) Multi-View Selection Bar (Other Views)
The two previous views of “Full-Screen” and “Navigation” are still available via the bottom-right-hand corner of the video player. The view selection bar is next to the volume controls that allow you to adjust the voice or music from the video. From left to right, the three view options are: “Navigation” (the classic view); “Large Format” (the new updated view); and “Full Screen.”

We hope you enjoy the improvements to our player. There’s a lot more in store, so stay tuned!

Have a great day!
The Rouxbe Cooking School Team

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