New Instructors: Upcoming Classes Bring Nutrition to the Table

by · June 20, 2012

Over the past seven years, Rouxbe has focused on teaching culinary skills, techniques and cooking methods. This will never change. Moving forward, we are excited to inform our students, that included in our upcoming release of Learning Paths, you will begin to see an increased emphasis placed on nutrition. We find it amazing, even baffling, that very few cooking schools teach nutrition, and very few nutrition programs teach cooking. What’s up with that.

We intend to ‘couple’ the de-coupled. Eating has consequences. So expect to see more and more content around basic to advance nutrition in the months and years ahead.

With that said, the other day we introduced you to Najat Kanaache. Today we’d like to introduce a couple of other killer new teammates that will keep us in check and help our users better understand the consequences and opportunities present in the foods we buy, cook and eat.

Christina is a holistic nutritionist, red seal chef and has over 15 years of culinary experience. She is part of the health duo at Rouxbe and teaches our students the why’s and how’s of simple nutrition. She has owned her own business since 2007, Cook Eat Love, which is based on living a whole foods lifestyle with balance.

She has cooked for many people with autism, celiac disease and breast cancer. Her goal is to share the simplicity of delicious whole foods with others.
Her nutritional skills, love for cooking and passion for finding out where our food comes from makes her a great addition to our team.

Barb is a Holistic Nutritionist, Holistic Culinary Expert, Professional Speaker, published author, and owner of Love2Eat. She is a Faculty Member at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and teaches nutrition at the University of Calgary. She is a frequent keynote lecturer for the corporate sector. Barb’s mission is to educate the families of North America about how to make simple changes to their busy lives that will nourish, enliven and keep us active, healthy and strong. Barb is a part of the Health Team at Rouxbe, and has a passion for helping people understand that real, simple, whole food can power a nation. Her holistic culinary background and expertise combines flavour with function- whole, natural foods can profoundly balance health, and still taste amazing!  She celebrates the practices of nourishment, natural health, sustainability and love for the planet with her husband and two young daughters.

Welcome Barb and Christina. We are delighted to have you join our team.

Joe Girard
CEO & Co-Founder of Rouxbe.

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