Moments From Ireland – Irish Soda Bread, Leek & Potato Soup…and Cows!

by · January 2, 2012

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to go on a trip to Ireland to visit our dear friends the Boylan’s. A few of the highlights for me (besides the beverages galore and the most friendly hospitality) were the cows, the food and the country-side. I would even dare say, that it was in that order. The cows were just so big and beautiful and oh-so-healthy looking. They were literally everywhere I looked. I was constantly saying, “stop the car!” so I could take yet another picture of them. As for the food. I was pleasantly surprised at just how good it was. It’s not that I thought it would be bad, I just did not realized how stellar it was going to be. My two favorite things that I ate were Leek and Potato Soup and, of course, the famous Irish Soda Bread. I think I was home for a week before I had to make them both.  The great thing about this particular bread recipe is that it is easy to whip together. It also keeps well (you can even freeze it) and it makes great sandwiches and toast.Now for the country side. Wow! If you have never been to Ireland then go! And if you have been there, then I imagine that you will know what I mean when I say it is just beautiful. I still remember the day we drove by this field…it was just spectacular. The sun was moving across the field and there we cows and sheep everywhere. It was so memorable that it was like it was no real…more like a scene from a movie. 

This is a picture of our hotel…NOT! But wouldn’t it be nice :-)

Well, I could go on and on with pictures as I took more pictures on that trip than I think I have taken in my whole life.  Enjoy the Leek and Potato Soup and the Irish Soda Bread and when you are eating it, pretend you are in Ireland…of course, for that, you would likely need to have a pint of beer with your meal as well; isn’t that right Michael? :)

Cheers – dawn

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