Mealku Partners with Rouxbe Online Cooking School

by · September 5, 2013

Mealku has become a cultural sensation and inspiration for home cooks.


Rouxbe is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Mealku, the member-based food-sharing network that’s been featured in publications like The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.  This innovative pairing promises to reshape food education and food services for years to come.

Mealku’s concept allows the best cooks in the land to engage the most discerning eaters over lovingly prepared meals. Mealku even handles delivery. Founded in only 2012, Mealku has become a cultural sensation, a source of income and inspiration for cooks of all kinds, and a practical and economical way for those who seek real, wholesome and handmade food and to secure it as easily as ordering takeout.

“Mealku is about delivering the highest standard of nutrition and quality from trusted home cooks. We have a vested interest in helping our cooks enhance their skills and expertise. Rouxbe is a priceless tool in helping our member cooks elevate their game beyond restaurant-quality. Naturally, food protection is the most vital ingredient in great cooking so, in addition to access to broader culinary training, we are making Rouxbe’s food safety course a mandatory onboarding element for all prospective Mealku cooks before they begin preparing their most wonderful creations for others,” says Ted D’Cruz-Young, founder of Mealku.

Joe Girard, founder and CEO of Rouxbe says, “We are impressed with Mealku’s cooperative food sharing model. It provides a great opportunity for people to connect over food and expand their food experiences. Rouxbe-trained and inspired Mealku cooks will create food to rival restaurant fare.”

Rouxbe Online Cooking School will be Mealku’s exclusive culinary training and development partner. In addition to offering a food safety course aimed at home cooks—the only one of its kind—its professional-quality, online instruction will be a boon to cooks who want to up their cooking game.

As Mealku cooks complete Rouxbe courses, they’ll receive points and badges for improving their skills.

Rouxbe and Mealku: A delicious partnership.



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