Lebanese Lamb Lavash

by · November 8, 2008

The other day I had a craving for this lamb wrap that I often order at a local restaurant. The only unfortunate thing about this restaurant…is that they are often out of this particular wrap. So I decided to save myself the disappointment, and make my own version.

The only lamb I had was ground, but pieces of lamb stewing meat, would even be better, though, it will take longer to cook (this is even great for left-over lamb). Joe says this picture of the lamb, looks like “worms” – but I like it, so I left it in anyways.

Luckily, I had just made some za’tar spice mix for the first time. This spice mix is very popular in Middle Eastern cooking. The one I made is more of a Lebanese version as it contains sumac, which has a tart lemon flavor to it…it’s yummy! I had a huge container of it and I was happy to find another use for it.

I mixed the spices into the lamb and fried it. I then sautéed some onions, diced eggplant and then a bunch of garlic. Next, I added, tomatoes, chickpeas and and a few spices. I then let it cook for about an hour or so.

Once it was done, I folded in some chopped spinach (just cause I had some) and I was good to go. To serve it, I laid down some fresh cilantro and mint and then topped that with some rice. To finish I added some of the lamb mixture and a BIG dollop of thick Greek yogurt…my favorite being Liberté yogurt.

In the end, I made enough for about 8 wraps, so I froze the rest for another day. If you would like the recipe “click here” or on any of the pictures.

Ciao for now


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