Learning Agreement Italiano

by · April 10, 2021

The apprenticeship agreement is a mandatory document requested by the National Erasmus Agency, in which you must indicate the courses you wish to take during Erasmus studies abroad, after agreement with your reference teacher. You must carefully complete the learning agreement – .doc before the mobility model in format, and then have it signed to your department coordinator. The student must download the final version of the learning agreement with signatures on ALMARM. It is only after the document has been validated by the offices that it will be possible to download the certificate at the end of the period and request recognition of activities carried out abroad. In these cases, it is possible to change your apprenticeship agreement once a semester under the same licensing procedure as the apprenticeship agreement. The system automatically loads the activities indicated in the apprenticeship agreement, so that the student must indicate whether he has accepted and successfully completed the activities at the reception site (by indicating the grade acquired abroad and perhaps – but not necessarily – the date of the examination) and whether he intends to apply for recognition of the corresponding activity in the Italian curriculum. If you send the application form independently or electronically, remember that you must download the full scan with your signature, that of the coordinator of your department and that of the foreign coordinator. If your host university requires it and does not have its own model for apprenticeship agreements, you can also attach the form to the application form you send abroad. If your target university requires it for a different learning contract model than the one you use at university, you must compile and have both models approved, there is no standard preocedura for registration. We recommend that you follow the information provided by the foreign university and, if necessary, visit the website to verify the required documents and expiry data. Don`t forget to constantly check your email address to see if the host university has sent any progress and application information.

The document must be sent to the mobility office at least 2 weeks before the departure of the student information service, taking into account that the training programme specified in the apprenticeship contract must be supplemented by obtaining at least 70% of the credits offered – 42 credits if the mobility is one year, 21 if it is a semester, and 14 if it is a quarter- , on a case-by-case basis, what action to take. The European Commission offers online language support (OLS), a free platform for language preparation for outgoing Erasmus students. The OLS provides two steps: before you leave, you must complete online the mobility contract that sets the conditions of residence abroad. The document is not valid without the signature of the teacher of the coordinator of the Erasmus ministry. Department of Philosophy, Social Sciences, Humanities and Training The Learning Agreement must be sent to the host university: to obtain these credits, almarm has the option “If you want the credits of your choice to be recognized”: the student must then indicate the number of credits and the disciplinary science sector (SSD). The amendment to the apprenticeship agreement will not come into force until after the authorisation process has ended. The Apprenticeship Agreement (LA) is a document that describes the curriculum to be conducted abroad. The student must therefore agree in advance with the Erasmus delegate of his department of exams that he wishes to take abroad (or, in general, the training activities he intends to carry out), to complete and sign the LA form. The document is only valid if it is signed by the Erasmus delegate of the Department and the Erasmus director of the host university.

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