Ikea’s Newest Cookbook

by · October 9, 2010

I love when people think outside the box. Ikea recently released a new cookbook titled Hembakat är Bäst, which translates to “Homemade is Best.” They took the genius approach of first showing the raw ingredients.

And then showing what those raw ingredients once they have been transformed into wonderful homemade baked goods. These are cut little almond shells called Mandelmusslor.

Again the raw ingredients here are magically transformed into…

these delicious little Cinnamon Buns (Fina Kanelbullar).

I have to say it’s really quite brilliant. For more info about the cookbook and inspiration behind it here is a link to a design site called Dezeen that has quite a few other photos etc.

Have a great weekend everyone. And for any of you (us) Canadians out there we hope that you have a great Thanksgiving and a nice long weekend.

Cheers Big Ears!


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