Frittata with Scapes and Goat Cheese Recipe

by · July 7, 2009

Scapes (a.k.a. garlic tops, garlic shoots, green garlic, spring baby garlic, garlic spears, garlic greens, garlic flowers) are the green tops of hard neck varieties of garlic.

The stalk grows straight up and then usually curls into one or two loops. To produce a large bulb of garlic, the scape is snipped off to force the plant?s energy into the bulb. Most often, growers discard scapes before harvesting; however, they are making more of an appearance at many farmers markets.

Scapes have a delicate, garlicky flavor with less bite than that of a garlic clove. They are extremely tasty and versatile. Scapes have been popular in Asian cuisines for ages, especially in stir-frys. Tender scapes can be used anywhere that you would use a green onion or scallion. They are also great steamed with a bit of butter. Scapes make a great addition to soups, stocks, salads, and many egg dishes such as omelettes and frittatas.

After cooking them gently in a bit of butter, we whisked up some eggs and milk and put a frittata together in less than 15 minutes.

Dotted with creamy goat cheese, this easy-to-make frittata made for a delicious, quick lunch. It was even delicious cold.

If you can’t find fresh scapes, they can often be found in the frozen section of Asian supermarkets. Here is a link to the full text recipe for Frittata with Scapes and Goat Cheese.

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