Ferrán Adrià´s Quick Potato Chip Tortilla Española

by · December 29, 2009

I have had this recipe for Potato-Chip Tortilla Española, bookmarked on my screen for months now. I even bought the potato chips over a month ago (I can’t believe I was able to hide them from everyone – including myself – for so long).Potato Chips for Quick Tortilla EspanolaI suppose if they weren’t the fancy olive oil potato chips, which are not so readily available, the story might have gone differently.

I first heard about this recipe through Lobstersquad, a Spanish food/drawing blog (who heard about it through Chez Pim…and so on and so on).Quick Potato Chip Tortilla EspanolaPim was doing a review of Ferrán Adrià´s new book called “Coninar en Casa” (At Home with Ferrán Adrià) – one of the recipes she made from the book was this quick potato-chip Tortilla Española. Potato Chip and Egg Mix for TortillaBasically you mix crushed potato chips with eggs and cook it like a classic Tortilla Española. The result…well let’s just say…I agree with Pim, “if it ain’t broken…”Quick Potato Chip Tortilla Espanola

Somethings are just better left alone, even if they take longer to make. Yes, the original tortilla does take much longer to make. Ximena from Lobstersquad, said this about the original tortilla which I found quite funny, “There are those who´ll tell you that a proper tortilla takes so little time anyway, that they can have one up and running in half an hour. Just know this: they lie in their teeth.” I like that she said, “they lie in their teeth” so cute! Ximena please don’t take that the wrong way, your English is fantastic…way better than my Spanish that is for sure.Quick Potato Chip Tortilla EspanolaIf you are curious, feel free to give the potato-chip version a try (see Lobstersquad for a recipe). I just found it to be very spongy (especially around the edges, you can even see in the picture above) and not really worth the effort, even if was way less effort than the original.

Here is a recipe for the classic (which is my favorite)

Tortilla de Patatas (or Tortilla Española) from Rouxbe.

Hope you enjoy!!

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