Entergy System Agreement

by · September 18, 2021

The LPSC rules for distributed generation and net metering were first approved in 2005. They were designed to stage distributed generation, including solar, by allowing customers to reduce their monthly electricity bill with energy produced by a qualified decentralized generation system on their land. The most common example is a private customer who installs solar modules on the roof to produce electricity for use in their home. “In Arkansas, we`re thrilled that the end is in sight,” Suskie said. “We are now able to wipe the slate cleanly and figure out where to go in the future,” Suskie said. Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. Looking for more stories on the subject? Try using the search function. These rules do not affect Entergy New Orleans customers. Entergy Arkansas announced in 2005 its withdrawal in December 2013. Entergy Mississippi followed in 2007 and attempted to pull out in November 2015, FERC said.

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