DON’T Even Get Me Started!

by · March 21, 2009

Okay so it’s here, the Georgia Straight “Golden Plates” awards…how exciting…NOT!!!

I can’t believe that year after year they are exactly the same. I was literally shocked to see that for “best sandwich” in Vancouver, they picked Subway! Come on, can’t we do better than that? Is that all we want or demand for ourselves? If a European came here on vacation and asked you, “Ver do I go, for best sand-wich?”, would you really (honestly) send them to Subway?

Personally, I would say the best sandwich that I have had lately was at Scuié. It’s an Italian caffé. They make really nice sandwiches (and much more). There are two locations here in Vancouver (the downtown one has better service and is more livelier than the Yaletown location). There is also La Grotta Del Formaggio, they make fantastic sandwiches. You can pick from fancy ingredients like marinated artichokes, roasted peppers, yummy green olives etc. Not to mention that the meat is sliced right there, as is the cheese. Plus it’s family owned, which is a bonus.

I guess what I am saying is…is this it? Is this as good as it gets? If we don’t expect better than “Subway” then we will not likely get any better. Not that I am really slagging Subway – I am sure there are very nice people (and smart people) behind it and the sandwiches are good value and not bad tasting. I just want more than this when it comes to “the best sandwich”…am I wrong? Is that too much to ask?

Well that’s my Saturday Rant!

So what do you think? Do you just love Subway, and if so “would you rate it as, “the best sandwich?” Where is your favorite sandwich? I Would love to know for the next time I go on vacation. Just in case, the locals tell me “Subway” :-)

Ciao for now, dawn


For those of you who don’t know “The Georgia Straight” is a local free paper here in Vancouver. They do a pretty good job at letting us Vancouver folk what is happening here in the city.

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