Curl Up with a Good Soup

by · October 17, 2012

In chillier seasons, clear soups keep us warm or help loved ones nurture us back to health from a cold. In warmer seasons, they make delicious light meals or harmonize our favorite garden vegetables.

Soups come in endless varieties, textures and complexities of flavor. The key to creating memorable clear soups is to understand the various stages of building these different dimensions.

The short video “Making Stock-Based Clear Soups” explains how to build flavor bases, leverage the bouquet garni and unite your favorite ingredients in a delicious warm dish.  (Access to this free video expires Oct 22, 2012.)

Note: Stock-based soups should not be mistaken for broth-based soups, which are generally more robust in flavor and can be consumed as broth alone. 

Equipment Tips

Home: Cold soup that is expected to be warm can be disappointing. A quick and easy way to warm your dishes (and help soup hold its heat) is to microwave them for a few seconds wrapped in a damp towel. Microwaves excite water molecules, so this method is more effective and heats bowls more evenly than putting them in the microwave alone.

Shopping: Invest in a reliable oven mitt. Serving soup too cold may be disappointing, but accidentally burning your hands trying to keep it hot is far worse!

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