Creamed Spinach “The Caviar of Side-Dishes” | Rouxbe Recipe

by · February 4, 2011

I never understood why a side of creamed spinach was so expensive when I ordered it in a restaurant…that is until I made it myself. Now, I would say that a really good creamed spinach is worth every penny because it takes a fair bit of work to make. It’s not a side that you’d make for a quick weeknight meal; rather, it is one that is left for the weekend or a special occasion. I suppose that is why it is often served at fancy steak houses.

There are many ways to make creamed spinach. The spinach can be left whole, it can be chopped up or it can be pureed, which is my preference. The creaminess can come from adding bechamel or some reduced cream. Again, I prefer the latter.

Although creamed spinach goes particularly well with a delicious grilled steak, it also goes well with many other proteins such as fish or chicken.

If you have not tried it already or if you have never had a really good creamed spinach, you might want to try this recipe for Creamed Spinach.

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