Compromise Agreement Child Support Philippines

by · September 14, 2021

What legal measures can I take? Hello, I currently work here in Manila and I was separated from my husband in the province in 2013, we have a 12 year old son who lives with my parents in the province. Do I have to go home to our province to file family allowances for our son? I am a mother of two children aged 15 and 13. I am not married to his father because he has a family. He emigrated to Australia, he has been there for over 10 years, and since we had the children, he has not given them a single support. I was forced to come here to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to support my family. I`ve been living here for almost 12 years now, but since the weather is not good here, I lost my job and so now I`m thinking about asking the father of my children for financial help to at least take care of their education, food and other expenses. I just want to make his financial aid legal so that he is forced to give monthly, instead of begging every time we need help. Please advise you on this matter and what the process will be. Thank you very much. As for your question about whether you can apply for financial assistance if you refuse to have your son bear his surname, it is possible. However, it remains to be proven that he is the father.

If I didn`t introduce my daughter, I knew I was pregnant because I was also a little aware of it. Is he for the support of children macconsider my leave him when he was a child? That`s because I started to realize that I was pregnant. .

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