Chocolate Truffle Cookies | Chocolate Sparkle Cookies

by · February 11, 2010

These chocolate truffle cookies are the best of the best! They are soft and delicate with just the right amount of sweetness and chocolate. I think I should warn you though – it is impossible to eat just one; actually, it’s almost impossible to eat less than 5 or 6.

Chocolate Truffle Cookie Recipe The cookie dough is a mix of dark chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs, honey, cocoa powder, ground almonds and a pinch of salt.

Chocolate Truffle Cookie Recipe After the batter rests, it is then rolled into little balls. At this point, the cookies can either be rolled in sugar and baked or frozen to bake on another day.

Chocolate Truffle Cookie Recipe These cookies are great served by themselves; however they do go very well with this Café Latte Ice Cream.

Chocolate Truffle Cookie Recipe with Cafe Latte Ice CreamHere is the full recipe for the Chocolate Truffle Cookies.

This recipe is actually inspired by the very talented Thomas Haas. If you don’t feel like making them yourself, you can actually order the chocolate truffle cookies online (they call them chocolate sparkle cookies). They come in a package of 36 and sell for…wait for it…$55. I know, that does seem a little steep, but they were once voted “the world’s best cookie”…so I guess that sort of makes up for it.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Hope you enjoy –  dawn

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