Chicken Vesuvio From the Windy City

by · April 15, 2009

This dish is said to be a regular item in the windy city of Chicago. Tender chicken and potatoes swimming in a garlicky herb white wine sauce. This one-pot meal is easy to prepare. Basically, you…sauté some seasoned chicken, then some potatoes. Next, you add some garlic and white wine. Then you let it cook and do its own thing.

After that, you can either finish it with sautéed mushrooms and green peas or you can add your own twist.

Another example of this Italian-American dish is to add lemon and artichokes, instead of the mushrooms. Again, go ahead and get creative. But no cheerios please!

Here is the full text recipe for Chicken Vesuvio that I made. Buon appetito!


(I guess if this is an Italian-American dish, I should really say “Ciao Homeys!”)


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