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13 Sep


A Cool Way to Separate Eggs


Since I was sent this video at least 8 times last week, I thought I would share it with you…if you have not already watched it that is. It’s just a fun video on “How to Separate Eggs” – no translation needed.

For those of you without a spare plastic bottle, here is how we separate eggs at Rouxbe…but it’s not nearly as fun!

Separating Eggs

Have a great day!

The Rouxbe Cooking School Team

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26 Jun


The “Wait List” is here!


Back in April, we mentioned that we would likely be implementing a wait list. Well… it’s true and it’s here.

Watch video address below.

Starting on July 3rd, the Rouxbe Cooking School will be shutting down the site to everyone EXCEPT existing students. New students who are interested will need to join a wait list and wait for an available seat in the school. We do not anticipate a long wait list, but there will be one.

There are a number of reasons for this move that are described in this video. In short, this is in preparation for the upcoming Learning Path feature that will be released in the months ahead.

If you’re interested in the answers to any of the following items, you can jump ahead in the video to the time noted in brackets.

• Why are we implementing a wait list. (starts around 0:40).
• What does this mean for existing and new students? (starts at 2:21)
• When is the release of the new Cooking Class feature? (starts at 3:20)
• Can I sign up for the beta? (starts at 4:24)

If you’d like more information or if you have questions around this change, feel free to attend the live 30-minute online event (below) or share your question on our blog.

Attend the live Question & Answer session with Co-Founder Joe Girard.

GO TO: at the scheduled times below:

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 @ 5:00pm (Pacific Time)
Saturday, June 30th, 2012 @ 10:00am (Pacific Time)

Lastly, if you’re interested in participating in the Beta Class, please fill out this short form.

Best Regards,

Joe Girard
Co-Founder of the Rouxbe Cooking School

26 Apr


The Cooking Slot-Machine a.k.a. Learn the Skills Behind Cooking


You may be wondering what the “Cooking Slot-Machine” is all about. I’ll get to that in a minute. In a nutshell, it’s related to how we teach here at Rouxbe and how you should think about the cooking school lessons. Why? Because we do things differently!

As an example, instead of teaching you how to make a braised dish, we teach you how to “braise”. Braising is a cooking method or process that involves a number of extremely simple techniques. Once you learn these techniques, you will be able to braise anything you like (well not oatmeal, but hopefully you get my point).

Our most recent lesson on How to Stir-Fry is another great example. In this lesson, we teach you about the main components of a stir-fry and how they should be prepped. Then we take a simple or basic stir-fry and focus all of our production energy and expertise to teach you the process and techniques behind stir-frying. At the end, we try and help you understand that once you get the process down, it’s a piece of cake (or a “wok” in the park…sorry, I couldn’t help myself). You will be able to make an endless number of stir-fries, simply by changing up one or more of the components. BUT, the execution and techniques are EXACTLY the same. This is where cooking gets really interesting and where recipes provide great inspiration.

Okay, this brings me to our “Cooking Slot-Machine” (drum roll please). Daniela, who is one of our fearless camera/editor peeps, came up with this fun video. It’s really just to emphasize that once you know what you are doing, the world of food and ideas is at your finger tips (or in this case, the “play button”).

Remember, once you learn these skills they will be with you for the rest of your life (just like riding a bike). View each lesson on Rouxbe as it should be viewed – as a process. This process is one that you can trust, one that involves many small, but simple techniques, and most importantly, one that can be replicated to create hundreds, even thousands of dishes. You’ll be very proud of all of your hard work and dedication as you “wok” through it…sorry, I couldn’t help myself again!

Tell us what you’ve created with what you have learned from our Stir-Fry Lesson. And, if you’re not a student at Rouxbe yet, email me directly and I’ll set you up if you promise to try it out.


p.s. Here are some Rouxbe recipes to help guide and inspire you.

After practicing all of these dishes, be proud of all of your hard work and dedication!



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11 Apr

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How to Stir-Fry | Rouxbe Cooking School Lesson


Stir-frying is an indispensible cooking technique because nearly any ingredient can be stir-fried. Once learned, stir-frying will provide you with the flexibility to build any dish to suit your tastes whether you’re craving black bean flavors, sweet and sour, ginger and garlic or flavors such as lemongrass and chilies. With stir-frying, you can take any ingredient and transform it into a delicious meal, whether you are using chicken, beef, pork, prawns, scallops or noodles. And because stir-fries highlight the use of vegetables, very little (if any) meat needs to be incorporated into a dish, so it is a great cooking method that caters to all menus.

In this Rouxbe Cooking School lesson on How to Stir-Fry, you will learn about the five main components of a stir-fry and how to properly prepare these ingredients prior to cooking. You will learn about a technique known as velveting, as well as many other valuable tips for successful stir-frying so you can avoid those soggy and disappointing dishes. Finally, you will learn a very common sequence used to properly and quickly stir-fry a dish over very high heat.

Stir-frying is all about preparation, timing and handling high heat effectively. Since all of the prep is done ahead of time, the actual cooking takes only a matter of minutes. With just a few ingredients, you will soon be able to build a variety of nutritious and flavorful dishes in a flash.

Happy Stir-Frying!

The Rouxbe Cooking School Team

21 Mar


Introduction to Stir-Frying | Rouxbe Cooking School Lesson


Stir-frying is an ancient dry-heat cooking method whereby small pieces of food are quickly cooked in a wok over extremely high heat. Stir-frying is a true art form because it forces the cook to demonstrate a number of other cooking skills in order to properly execute the stir-frying technique.

A stir-fry is the ultimate one-pan dish and literally any combination of ingredients can be used to create a stir-fry. Whether chicken, shell-fish, pork, beef or simply vegetables are used, with the stir-frying technique, you can prepare highly-flavorful meals in a matter of minutes.

In this Rouxbe Cooking School lesson on the Introduction to Stir-Frying, you will learn about the importance of high heat and the many advantages of this extremely versatile cooking method. You will learn about the basic equipment required for stir-frying and how to choose a wok or pan that works best for your heat source. You will also learn how to season a carbon-steel wok and how to care for it during its long life time.

Stir-frying is an indispensible technique in any serious cook’s repertoire but before you run, you need to learn how to walk (no pun intended). This lesson will show you the steps on how to get there and properly set yourself up. So get out and there and buy yourself a flat-bottomed or round-bottomed wok (if you don’t already have one) and be sure to season it because the next lesson, which is just around the corner, is going to teach you how to easily create an endless number of THE most delicious stir-fries! Here is a sneak peak (sorry only the picture for now…you will have to wait for the recipe) of one of the many, and we do mean MANY, stir-fry recipes you can look forward to.

(Kung Pao Chicken Stir-Fry)

Happy Cooking!

The Rouxbe Cooking School Team

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