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23 Oct


The Supersizers Go


Has anyone watched the series called “The Supersizers Go”. It is a BBC series about the history of food (mainly in Britian).

Each episode the hosts eat the same food that was eaten from a particular time period. They even take even go so far as to adopt the dress and mannerisms of the time. After each experience they have medical testing done to see how that particular diet affect them.

Very interesting stuff when you think about what people ate in past.

Have a great weekend.


16 Oct


Changing Peoples Behavior for the Better | The Fun Theory


I had to share this with you. I am one of those people that really can’t stand littering, it just makes me crazy. I mean really how hard is it to put something into a garbage can. This video from a Swedish site called The Fun Theory, takes throwing things into the  trash to a whole new level. It was even successful enough to inspire people to pick up other peoples garbage.

To check out more of their cool videos go to Thefuntheory.com (click on the British flag on the top right hand side, to translate the site into English). Check out the stair/escalator video…it makes taking the stairs music to your ears. They also make recycling not just something that is good for the environment, but good entertainment.

Have a great weekend!

Ciao dawn

04 Nov


Technique Tuesday: November 4, 2008


Hey there Ya’ll,

We just wanted to send everyone a note to say that there is not going to be a release this week. We are working on some good ones though, which will be coming out in the weeks to follow. You might even say some of the lessons are “Egg-cellent”.

Besides, we know that today is a big day in the United States and many people will be standing in line to vote and focusing on the election. Don’t worry though – we aren’t going to leave all of you high and dry. Here is a yummy video recipe for Chicken Parmigiana.

Golden pieces of lightly breaded chicken breast are baked in a delicious homemade tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese. Oh so good, especially when served with Spaghetti Aglio e Olio.

Chicken Parmigiana

P.S. – We have reviewed the homework from last week and it has come down to two finalists. They were picked based on the following: the amount of techniques used, whether or not those techniques were used properly and their recipes (photos, steps, and method description).

But we want you – the community – to have a look and tell us what you think. Rate and comment on each recipe. Check out our finalists:

Linda C. made Yang Chow Fried Rice
Carol P. made Juniper Gin Chicken Pasta

The winner of a 7″ Global Knife will be announced next Tuesday. Good luck Linda and Carol!

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01 Oct


Chana Masala (Curried Chickpeas) Video Recipe


Chana Masala is a tasty vegetarian chickpea curry…

Also known as chole or chole masala, this dish contains slowly-cooked onions that melt right into the sauce. Simmered with garlic, ginger, chilies, tomatoes and a variety of spices, this mild curry is combined with yogurt and a touch of lemon juice for a nice fresh finish.

Click here to view the text recipe, or sign up for a Free Membership to watch the full Video Recipe.

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26 Jun


Rouxbe Online Cooking School – Getting Closer


For those of you that might have missed our Cooking School Sneak Peak post earlier this week, tomorrow is the final day to save $100 on a Lifetime Membership to Rouxbe (Midnight Pacific Standard Time).

And if you did see it right away after the post, you might want to check out the slide show again… My Mom, said that I had to make the screen shots bigger LOL…. Mom’s are always right, aren’t they.

Slightly Underdone Pasta

* Shot of slightly underdone pasta noodle showing a white ring in the center. For perfectly cooked pasta, you are looking for a white dot in the very center. This is part of the Rouxbe Cooking School Pasta Course soon to release. Try getting this close in a cooking school or classroom.