Rouxbe Version 3.0

by · March 31, 2009

For those of you that have been Rouxbe fans for the past two and half years, we are happy to inform you that we are about to embark on a much desired Rouxbe facelift. With the new addition of Stewart Butterfield to our team, we wanted to take a brief step back to start making some major site improvements. But before we do, we want to hear from you.

As you know, Rouxbe has been focused solely on producing the finest instructional cooking content on the web. In fact, we’ve been in the test kitchen and producing lessons now for 15 months solid. It’s time to begin planning and implementing some supporting features that will make the Rouxbe Cooking School even more powerful.

So, we’d like to hear from you to find out what features and services you think Rouxbe should be doing and/or introducing to help you become an even better cook. We’ve already heard some great feedback, but we want to make sure that we hear from all of those that would like to contribute.

So, how can Rouxbe help you become a better cook?

Please keep in mind the following:

1. Rouxbe is not a recipe site. We do have a lot of recipe content and we’ll continue to add new recipes, but our focus is on helping you become better at cooking and recipes do not help you here (read more). The path to better cooking is skill and technique and the understanding of how each cooking process impacts the other. Recipes are your vehicle to practice your techniques and will not always get you to your desired end goal.

2. Rouxbe aims to position itself as a complement to your favorite recipe resource (whether that’s a cookbook, culinary magazine, food show or another online website). We’ll teach you how to “braise” and provide a few examples, but let’s leave the inspiration to all of the great chefs out there, your favorite recipes resources and/or even your moms and grandmas. Our goal is to help you actually become less dependent on recipes and to help you consistently have success in the kitchen.

All feedback will be most appreciated. And no ideas are bad ideas. Please post your comments below.

Next week, we will jump back into the discussions to work with you to refine some of the ideas. The goal is to work collaboratively with you and our strategic development team to short list an action plan for Rouxbe 3.0 by the end of April.

In the interim, while we will continue to produce new cooking school lessons, we will NOT be releasing new lesson content for the Cooking School until May as deploying content, uploading lessons, copy, etc… is one of the more time consuming jobs at Rouxbe. Instead, these resources will be allocated to strategic planning functions and working with you to define Rouxbe 3.0. So, use the time to get caught up in the Cooking School if you are a little behind or participate in this community-driven site upgrade with your ideas.

We will still be releasing new recipe content each week (video and text) and our staff continues to be available for questions 24/7. And like most weeks, new recipes can be found in (see Rouxbe Certified Recipes and/or the Rouxbe Test Kitchen).

Thanks for your understanding.

The Rouxbe Cooking School Team.

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