Pommes Parisienne | Delicious Fried Potatoes

by · September 12, 2009

If there is a heaven and it has a cafeteria where you get to eat heavenly food regularly, then these little balls of pillowy potato-love would be on the menu every day!

Pommes Parisienne by Rouxbe.com

Pommes Parisienne are fairly easy to make when it comes to technique, but they are a bit of a labor of love, as you have to use a melon baller to scoop out these little rounds balls of potato.

Pommes Parisienne by Rouxbe.com

But just look at how cute they are!

Pommes Parisienne by Rouxbe.com

For 5 people we had 3 lbs of potatoes. We were making “extra” as we wanted to see how the leftovers fared in the refrigerator…ah, lets just say we don’t know how leftovers would be, as there weren’t any.

Pommes Parisienne Rouxbe.com

So, my advice is to make way more than you think you will need.

Pommes Parisienne by Rouxbe.com

To cook the potatoes, you simply fry them in clarified butter until they are lightly golden and crispy. Clarified butter is best as there will not be any flecks left behind from the milk solids.

Pommes Parisienne by Rouxbe.com

I have to say it is quite amazing how many of these little gems you can pop in your mouth, even before you get to the table. But be very careful they stay quite hot inside. Don’t say I didn’t warn you :-)

Pommes Parisienne by Rouxbe.com

I served these potatoes with a delicious Boeuf Bourguignon. Don’t be afraid by how many steps there are…it’s easy to make and any effort is absolutely worth it, trust me! This was hands down my favorite meal of the summer.

There is actually a whole page of French Cooking Recipes, you might say it’s sort of dedicated to Julia Child and the movie “Julie and Julia”.

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