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28 Mar


The Rouxbe Cooking School Welcomes Chef Fran Costigan as Director of Vegan Baking & Pastry


Fran Costigan, renowned vegan pastry chef, cookbook author and educator joins the Rouxbe Cooking School to develop and teach the world’s first 100% plant-based pastry arts program online.

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Building on the success and increased interest in plant-based instruction, the Rouxbe Cooking School is building the first ever plant-based pastry arts program online. In it’s continuing effort to attract the very best talent, Chef Fran Costigan, an award-winning pastry chef, cookbook author and educator was selected to serve as Rouxbe’s Director of Vegan Baking & Pastry Arts to help lead the development of new instructional content.

Costigan brings over 25 years of experience and leadership to this effort being the one of the world’s top vegan baking experts. She has served as the go-to culinary professional to train conventional pastry chefs and passionate home cooks alike in this subject area.

Since she started teaching her popular Vegan Baking Boot Camp Intensive®, she has helped train hundreds of people who have in turn, successfully helped dispel the notion that world-class baking and pastry depends on eggs and dairy to be delicious. This new pastry arts program will cover the essentials of vegan baking and pastry techniques—tested and proven formulas and approaches to making quality pastry products that stand up to any dessert, anywhere.

“When I first saw Rouxbe, I knew it was going to be a big part of the future of how people learn to cook. Rouxbe’s premium platform and approach to instructional content is the best I have ever seen. After 25 years of teaching vegan pastry arts classes in prestigious brick and mortar culinary schools, I am thrilled about my new role with Rouxbe so that I can help thousands by leveraging the Internet and Rouxbe’s global platform. Now passionate students everywhere, and at any level, will have the opportunity to learn to make modern, irresistible vegan desserts at the highest standard of training,” remarked Costigan.

Initially, Rouxbe will work with Costigan to capture and deliver an engaging online version of her continually sold-out Vegan Baking Boot Camp Intensive®. The goal is to reach thousands, not hundreds of home cooks and pastry professionals that want to expand their expertise in this area. Limited seating will be offered for the first course offering, coming this summer. If you’d like to be notified in advance of this course, please sign-up below.

This initial course will be followed by more in-depth vegan baking and pastry modules with the longer-term goal of offering a full Professional Vegan Baking and Pastry Arts Certification Course.

“We are humbled to have Fran agree to join our team. For years we have been asked by our users to bring baking and pastry into our educational fold. With Fran joining our team, we can now move forward on this initiative and help thousands develop their baking and pastry craft,” said Joe Girard, CEO Rouxbe.

Along with brand new baking and pastry technique content, students can also expect to see some classic recipes and variations for special needs diets such as no oil and gluten free baking.

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About Rouxbe
Founded in 2005, Rouxbe (pronounced “ROO-bee”) is the world’s leading online cooking school for cooks of all levels (home or professional). Rouxbe deliver technique instruction and training to over 170,000 home cooks, culinary students, professional cooks and healthcare professionals in over 180 countries, in multiple languages.


16 Jun


Rouxbe Hosts Award Winning Chef Matt Haley



The James Beard Foundation’s 2014 Humanitarian of the Year, The National Humanitarian from the International Association of Culinary Professionals and the 2014 Cornerstone Humanitarian from the National Restaurant Association — no chef in history has ever been awarded these three high honors — especially in one year. But with Matt Haley’s focus on using food to support and nurture communities, he has garnered this trifecta of awards which has focused a spotlight on the how this incredible man gives back to his global community in immeasurable ways.

Join Chef Matt Haley and Rouxbe Cooking School for a unique and exciting live web event on Thursday, June 19th at 12 noon PST/3pm EST as Chef Haley discusses his life, and how he is working as a chef and philanthropist to enrich communities the world over.

Watch a Short Video About Chef Haley’s Achievements

A focal point in Haley’s charitable work is his commitment to furthering education through food – he sees the impact that education and training can have and he believes that access to education, real foods, and safe places to learn and grow are essential for our collective future. His personal journey from prison to a well-respected chef and business leader is beyond inspiring. Join us and listen.

 To register for this free event, click here.   Once you have registered, details will be emailed to you the day before the event on how to log on and listen.

See you in class!

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06 Mar

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Rouxbe Launches Game-Changing Professional Cook Certification Course


5-years in the making and it’s finally here!

Enrollment is now open for Rouxbe’s inaugural Professional Cook Certification Course. This follows on the heals of Rouxbe’s Plant-Based Certification Course which is in full swing with 2 offerings (the first sold out in under 3 weeks).

The first offering of the Professional Cook Certification Course will launch on May 1, 2014 and is limited to 250 seats (100 already snapped up at the time of this writing).

The launch of Rouxbe’s online Professional Cook Certification Course charts a new path for cooks that want to learn to develop their craft. Equally suited for culinary students wanting to enter the industry, working cooks looking for professional development, or even serious home cooks that want to develop their culinary skills, this course introduces and reinforces fundamental techniques and knowledge needed in today’s kitchens.

This 6-month, 200-hour program introduces an alternative educational path for cooks; for those who either can’t afford the expensive tuition of conventional culinary schools, or for those who simply prefer to develop their skills and culinary knowledge while working paid-positions in a professional kitchen. Click here to view the full syllabus.

“It’s now possible to graduate with certification from a professional culinary school without any student loan debt. And for cooks in the industry, you’ll be gaining valuable practical experience, developing skill, AND best of all, earning a paycheck at the same time,” says Joe Girard, CEO & Co-Founder of Rouxbe.

Check it out. $200 off the regular price for the first offering only, regularly priced at $999.99 USD.

Check out the seating plan.

Rouxbe’s Profession Cook Certification Course

Profession Cook Certification Course

The 21st Century Culinary Certification - Be the First to Earn it!

22 Mar


Praise from Whole Foods’ Sr. Culinary Educator


What do the experts think? (link)
From chef Chad Sarno, senior culinary educator of Whole Foods Market’s healthy eating program and chef from the best selling book, ‘Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

“I’ve taken this course myself, testing it to see if it was up to par and I have to say, I’m blown away. I wish I had this resource when I was starting out on the path of healthy cooking. Level 1 will help you create an amazing foundation of knowledge and comfortability in the kitchen.. Trust me you will not be disappointed!

The fact [is] that it’s all online and you can take classes whenever [they] fit within your schedule, from your kitchen.”

22 Feb


Plant-Based Cooking I & The Cook’s Roadmap I Now Available!


Dearest Friends and Family (current and future),

You have waited patiently for our new courses, and we thank you for your support, authenticity and honesty.

We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of the first-ever online instructor-guided certification cooking courses! Both The Cook’s Roadmap and Plant-Based Cooking are now available to start on demand!

These courses apply our innovative new learning platform to make the path to better cooking accessible to any skill level, anywhere, on demand. Read below (the press release for this launch) to learn more about how these new courses will transform the way the world cooks, eats and lives!

The Rouxbe Online Cooking School Team

Vancouver, British Columbia, February 21, 2013 – Rouxbe (pronounced “ROO-bee”), the leading online instructional cooking school, has released the first two of its many contextualized certification cooking courses: The Cook’s Roadmap (Level 1) and Plant-Based Cooking (Level 1). These two courses will be followed by a series of additional recreational and professional course launches.

The educational material in each course is equivalent to a multi-day recreational or professional cooking course, yet students can start these on-demand courses at any time and at their own pace. At the end of a course, graduating students will earn a Rouxbe certificate. Courses starting at $49.95 USD are available for every skill level and cater to a wide variety of diets.

“After ten years of teaching in and directing professional culinary programs, I see Rouxbe as the future of culinary education. Rouxbe offers an unprecedented front seat to learn the techniques behind and the foundation of good cooking,” said Ken Rubin, Rouxbe’s VP of Culinary Training and chair of The Culinary Trust.

Rouxbe’s courses are based on a simple theory: Learn the right techniques, take the time to practice and you can master thousands of recipes in a fraction of the time it takes to learn them individually.

People wanting to learn to cook are often caught in a cycle of inefficient learning, bombarded by free online and offline content (for example, recipes, celebrity chefs and out-of-context videos). Even if they find the best recipe in the world from a great chef, tested by a team of experts, it won’t work if they don’t understand how to execute and adapt the underlying techniques.

Unlike recipe-centric approaches, Rouxbe’s instructor-guided certification courses focus on the techniques, methods and nutrition necessary to master one’s own kitchen. Inspired by and designed for recreational and professional culinary students around the globe, Rouxbe has spent seven years developing this innovative course delivery platform and meticulously produced technique-driven content to help any student get on the path to better cooking.

Each course is structured within a modern learning framework modeled after the thinking process of professional chefs: the Map of Cooking. This top-down architecture enables students to dive deep into fun activities—including flavor tactics, memory games, timed visual learning, playing “recipe doctor” and negotiating with the “Rouxbe Supreme Court”—all while keeping a sense of the bigger picture.

Rouxbe’s courses are a catalyst for transforming the way you cook, eat and live.

Rouxbe courses fit into students’ lives in a simple, authentic and time-efficient way. Students dictate their own class time and length, leverage real-life instructor support and track their progress through a variety of assessment activities to pinpoint areas for improvement.

You have the power to change your life through food. Let Rouxbe give you the right tools.

Why would you pass up a chance to have a better culinary relationship with yourself and the ones you love? Get a taste of Rouxbe’s unparalleled cooking courses today with a complimentary sample course:

Rouxbe is the world’s leading online cooking school. Founded in 2005, Rouxbe offers certification cooking courses for cooks of all levels (home or professional) using intuitive learning technology with instructor support. Each course is available to start on demand and can be taken at your own pace. Rouxbe can be found in the kitchens of homes, schools, restaurants and professional culinary academies in over 178 countries.