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07 Nov

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Bye Bye Beta – Welcome to 174 Countries


As our reach continues to expand across the globe, we are now moving beyond the learning phase to launch headfirst into some really exciting upcoming features. So in response to this and your feedback, weâ??ve made some great new updates to the site. Hereâ??s a brief snapshot.

Multi-Task-Player: As you all know, learning to prepare and execute a single great dish is one thing, but how about pulling together three or four recipes at once? How about a three-course meal for that matter? It’s all about execution and planning and we’re pleased to say the answer is here. Try out Rouxbe’s new “multi-task-player” this holiday season. It’s free until the end of the year and does not even require sign up.

Recipe gallery: We’ve incorporated increased functionality here such as the option to jump straight through to a full video or text recipe without having to view the previews. We’ve also exposed some additional information in the recipe tiles to help make your decision even easier.

Search: Yes it’s here. Sorry for the wait. More functionality around search will be implemented in due course, but for now, this should help you find what you need a little faster.

Subscription Rates: Due to an overwhelming number of requests, we’ve re-introduced a one-time lifetime payment option for $149. Annual subscription as you know, is $49 per year. Rates will increase in the New Year to $99 per year and $199 for lifetime access. 15% of fees go to Rouxbe for Life don’t forget.

Gift a Subscription to Rouxbe: On or before December 1st, you will be able to buy an annual or lifetime membership to Rouxbe as a gift. Do you know anyone that could benefit from this? And just think, you’ll likely be invited by that person to test out the results – hey that like a return on your investment.

More to come including a break-through online culinary competition… Stay tuned.

The Rouxbe Team

14 May

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New Community Additions – Chefs!


If you take a look at our site today, you will notice a new button at the top calledâ?¦Community, right between Video Recipes and My Rouxbe. Rouxbe will always be all about the food and how to prepare it. The new community feature is here to help connect all of the people who love food and appreciate good food.

We get lots of requests to make particular recipes, and we know professional chefs that want to be a part of Rouxbe. So it made sense that Rouxbe help match up your requests with chefs who have just the recipe you are looking for. And we think the best way to teach you how to cook their fancy meals is to have them teach us first. Then we can Rouxbe-ize it, highlighting ingredient information, helpful drill-down information and present it in the high-quality, step-by-step video, you have come to expect from us.Rouxbe Chef: Curtis Webb

We would also like to help those of you who may have a few secret recipes of your ownâ?¦so stay tuned as the Community section will be enhanced in the weeks ahead. For now, please enjoy the recipes from Rouxbe chef # 1: Curtis Webb. (Psst: you can also learn about his recipes by reading our new recipe alert here).

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15 Dec


Hidden player features


I thought I highlight a few hidden features of our players. If you have a video editing background you’ll appreciate a couple of these. Ultimately the idea is to give the viewers more control over the way they play the recipes. I personally dislike players that don’t allow me to do what I like to do. Unfortunately I got used to the QuickTime Player, which has one of the most comprehensive controllers out there (technically referred to as “transport controls”). Now, if I use a player that doesn’t have that nice functionality that I’m used to, I start cursing in Spanish (Spanish is my mother tongue). Have you ever tried going frame by frame or even rewinding the Windows Media Player? Good luck.

Play/Pause – You can start or stop the video in a couple of ways apart from the play “>” button in the controller. If you tap the space bar it will toggle the playback status (just make sure your browser window is in the foreground). If you’re cooking as the video plays quickly reach the space bar on your keyboard and the video will pause. Note that the background music will continue to play. Another way to toggle the playback status of the video is to simply click on the video itself. If it’s playing, it will pause; if it’s paused it will resume playback. I personally like this little clicking feature a lot. BTW (by the way), all these play/pause functionality works in all of our players, not only on the step by step player.

Next/Previous Step – I don’t think this feature is in the help page for the player, but if you’re watching a recipe that has more than one step, you can swiftly jump through the steps in the recipe by pressing the right arrow on your keyboard to go to the next step, or the left arrow to go back to the previous step. So no need to even grab the mouse, simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard, kind of like jumping to the next or previous chapter on a DVD.

The following are not hidden features, but I thought I’d mention them here as well as in the help for the the player.

Drill Downs – If you see something that looks like a “subtitle” under the name of a step, I’m pretty certain you’re looking at a drill down link. Click on it and you’ll get further information regarding what ever is being said on the video. For a full explanation on drill downs, check out my drill down blog entry from yesterday.

Timeline – You can scrub the playhead on the timeline, or you can also click in the timeline and the playhead will try to snap to that location. Mind you it may not snap exactly to where you click (that’s because Flash is really bad at doing this kinds of “random access” things on video).

Background Music – We decided to have a different audio controller for the background music than the one for the narration of the videos in the step by step player. The idea is that you can follow along our videos while you cook, so you may want to pause the video a number of times, but without stopping the musical experience. OTOH (on the other hand), if you rather have your own music or no music at all, simply mute the background music in our player. NOTE: If you’re streaming music from the internet as our videos load, it may take a bit longer for the video recipes to load simply because internet connection bandwidth will be shared between the streaming music, our videos and any other thing that your computer may be downloading.

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15 Dec


Designing Rouxbe: Looking Ahead


We have been working hard to bring Rouxbe to market just in time for the holiday season. Designing the Rouxbe experience was both difficult and easy.

The Easy part: The focus is clear to us. It’s all about the food. Anything that detracts attention from the food must go. No gratuitous drop shadows, color-rich icons or distracting visual elements.

The Difficult part: Technically, Rouxbe is a challenging undertaking. Our timeline is aggressive, the feature set is complex and the user experience is paramount. If you think you’ve experienced Rouxbe yet, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

We are working to bring the next version of Rouxbe to you shortly. What will that include? Well, stay tuned, we will slowly reveal Rouxbe here before we launch it this time. We are looking to incorporate your feedback (so give us some!). We are also looking to do away with that pop up window which we use currently to show you previews of recipes. Pop-ups are ugly, they cause problems both for you, our user, and us (they hurt our eyes actually!). We have used them thus far due to cross-browser issues, but preview pop-ups will be banned soon. Promise!
Whatever we do, we also promise to keep the focus on the food. We will also keep working to make Rouxbe fit into your lives in the most seamless way possible. Cooking should be fun, and so should navigating through Rouxbe. You should truly enjoy the process of cooking and be in control of the experience. Rouxbe will introduce features that will help you do just that and become a part of the rich community of ‘foodies’! (I can’t wait to tell you more, but…well…I must…for now!)
(P.S: a more “design-y” blog post by me about Rouxbe can be found at the DesignStamp site)