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08 Nov


Rouxbe Announces Wellness Advisory Board!


Friday, November 8, 2013, Vancouver, B.C.

The day food and cooking is paired with science and nutrition.

Starting back in 2005, we at Rouxbe had a dream – a dream to build and deliver a world-class, cost-effective and approachable cooking solution that will transform lives across the planet through food and cooking. Since then we’ve invested several million dollars in the world’s largest inventory of premium instructional cooking content. We’ve built a powerful teaching platform. We’ve attracted over 120,000 students from 180 countries. All this work was just a prelude to the feature presentation – a product and service that will educate and empower anyone, of any age, to cook their way to better health.

Today we take a GIANT leap forward with the introduction of our formal medical and wellness advisory board. Some of the world’s leading medical and nutrition experts have joined forces with Rouxbe to pair food and cooking with science and nutrition.

“Food can be an extremely powerful tool in preventing, managing, and even reversing some of the world’s most prevalent diseases. As physicians, we can make dietary recommendations but few patients actually know how to cook the ingredients we prescribe. Rouxbe brings the missing ingredient to the table,” says Dr. Scott Stoll.

Coming in early 2014, Rouxbe will be releasing a new series of condition-specific cooking courses that physicians can prescribe to their patients. Patients (and anyone looking to improve their health) can follow the guidance of expert chefs and physicians to cook and eat their way to better health.

Click here to learn more and to get yourself on the list to be the first to receive time-sensitive news and opportunities. (

Welcome to all of our new advisory board members. We are deeply honored to have you join our team.

Best Regards,

The Rouxbe Team.

p.s. Please note, we are still actively seeking new advisors to expand our team, including a leading medical / nutrition expert(s) in woman’s health and a registered dietician(s). Preference will go to candidates with clinical research background and to those who believe passionately that food is one of the most powerful preventative and prescriptive forms of medicine.

07 Mar


Why Call It “Plant-Based” and Not “Vegan”?


Since launching our Plant-Based Cooking Level 1 course, we have had questions about the term plant-based versus vegan.

We prefer the term plant-based for a variety of reasons, so let us explain just a bit about our position and philosophy here. First, the term “plant-based” is more squarely in the realm of food and cooking, which is the primary focus of Rouxbe. We know that the terms are used interchangeably, but the term “vegan” can sometimes (not always!) be divisive or intimidating for certain people. In some contexts it has strong political and social connotations, and we want to keep the focus on the transformative power of cooking and eating.

We do not ignore or silence the ethical, social and political dimensions of the conversation, and we know that these aspects are legitimate and a really important part of the larger dialogue. We want to be as inclusive as possible and literally bring people to the table who want to make a change – whether it’s going 100% plant-based or simply making a real effort to get more plant-based foods into their diet. We respect any decision you make to improve your relationship with food and cooking and to make positive improvements in your life. So, we use both terms, but you will see the focus on a “plant-based” conversation.

The politics and ethics of eating meat and animal products are important and will be addressed, but we’re a cooking school first and foremost, so food and cooking is the lens through which we’ll frame the plant-based experience. We even discuss these topics in The Cook’s Roadmap cooking courses, (which does cover cooking meat and other animal-based products), helping students explore where food comes from and how it’s processed. We don’t have a hidden agenda and we won’t climb onto a judgmental soapbox. But there is a lot to share and a lot of new information to discuss, some of which will be alarming and even a bit disturbing for some. Indeed, we should know about how animals are raised and how foods are produced.

Food is a deep marker of identity, so it’s understandable that our students will have strong opinions and ideas about what they eat and why they eschew animal products in favor of plant-based products. We like opinions and we like facts. You will see both in the Rouxbe community, so turn on your cooking brain and engage.

It’s important to remember that each person has different reasons and considerations for choosing a plant-based or other approach to cooking and eating. We hope we can all agree that eating more whole foods, especially whole and unprocessed plants, is a key component of helping to reshape a food system that has gone awry.

We want Rouxbe to be a safe place to engage in lively, informed and civil dialogue about the many perspectives of choosing a plant-based diet. Let’s keep our convictions while maintaining our civility and openness to each other’s views. We’re all on the same team, folks, trying to move the conversation forward for a healthier, more equitable and more delicious world.

We look forward to seeing you in class! If you have not already signed up for Plant-Based Cooking Level 1, you can get started here.

Ken Rubin
VP of Culinary Training


14 Dec

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Wake up! New Cooking Courses Available for Pre-Sale


Wake up your cooking brain!

Get ready to explore a new level of cooking creativity: Rouxbe’s new cooking courses arrive January 14th, 2013! But starting today, you can guarantee your seat in any of our new available courses that you choose by purchasing in advance.

Existing Rouxbe Lifetime students have a guaranteed seat, at no additional cost, in any of the courses of their choosing.

Don’t sift through endless online and offline content trying to teach yourself to cook. Let Rouxbe’s guided instruction open your eyes to understanding the map of the “world of cooking”–a set of puzzle pieces that can be rearranged to unlock the code to tastier, healthier food.

Each new course offers a path of professional-grade culinary content in an intuitive learning system, guided by the support of real-life instructors. Made for cooks of every skill level, you can progress through the course at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Head to to learn more about our courses and the technology underlying our new standard in online culinary education.

Choose the path to better cooking!
The Rouxbe Online Cooking School Team

29 May


The Pocket Cooking School – Take Rouxbe with You!


Hi students! Want to help us test out a really cool new feature? It’s not completely finished and it’s not perfect…yet, but we think that it’s ready for some testing if you’d like to try it out.

It’s called the Pocket Cooking School and it enables you to find and display related Rouxbe video content when you are on other websites.

For example, let’s say you are looking at a soup recipe that you’d like to try, but you can’t remember (or haven’t watched), the Rouxbe videos for making soups. Well, now you can highlight the recipe, click a button and voila, Rouxbe technique videos will magically appear before your eyes related to making soup….right there on the third party site.

CLICK HERE to give it a whirl.

One caveat…during this testing phase, the Pocket Cooking School only works in flash video, so you won’t be able to use your mobile device at this time (something we’ll address later after testing).

Watch video above to learn more.

Joe Girard
Co-Founder & CEO

09 May


Rouxbe 3.0 Status Update: Step 2


Related to this previous post

First of all thank you all for your feedback. Cooking school lessons will be resuming shortly (next week). We’ve been working on many lessons such as vegetables, soups and fish during the last month in addition to our strategic planning work.

We’ve compiled feedback from various sources now and I’d like to take this opportunity to present a summary of our feedback from you. I hope that we have captured it all but feel free to take this last opportunity to send along your last minute requests keeping in mind our focus on things that help people become better cooks.

Next step is to prioritize this list based on our business and our user’s goals and objectives. We will send this out via the blog by Tuesday of next week along with compiling any last minute submissions.

We can’t do everything at this time, but I certainly like the ideas you have all submitted. Here’s the master list as of today sorted only by category, not priority.

Search & Discovery

  • more sort topics (e.g. meat, poultry, fish, etc)
  • sorting by reverse date
  • sorting by relevance to cooking school lessons
  • alphabetical sorting
  • remove desserts from vegetarian sorting
  • glossary or library of the whole site
  • global site search (not independent to each page)
  • better bookmarking (drill downs and lessons too)
  • more tags and the use off multiple tags (e.g. mains and meat)
  • sort by ethnicity

Blog & Community

  • see most recent articles in sidebar
  • ability to edit submitted comment replies
  • integrate blog into main site (higher profile link on main site page and doesn’t open in new window.
  • connect & communicate with other students in the school


  • more recipes
  • pancakes from scratch
  • preserves
  • ability to add personal private comments to recipes
  • a list of classic dishes that would be taught in cooking school for example
  • more spice mixes like the Moroccan spice mix
  • opera cake


  • links directing users to site that require signup, should take users directly to content after signup
  • ability to customize my rouxbe to my preferences

Video display

  • larger version of video (e.g. full screen or at least 480p)

Lessons & School

  • add a tutorial or info on where to start in the school
  • the ability to jump into a discussion on a lesson from anywhere
  • printable version of school lessons
  • stirfrys (macro drill-downs)
  • information on flavor profiling
  • herbs (what goes with what)
  • vegetables
  • provide a certificate of completion
  • semester / mid term quizzes
  • baking
  • soups
  • fats and oils
  • beans and legumes
  • condiments
  • food safety
  • fish
  • sous vide


  • more rouxbe news


  • better design differentiation to make the site easier to understand and navigate


  • how to navigate the site
  • how to upload
  • how to share a recipe

Other Info & Ideas

  • iphone app (recipes and school)
  • how to stock the cupboard / pantry
  • make all lessons free (advertising)
  • no advertising (will interfere with user experience)
  • vegetable substitutions
  • how to perk up not so fresh produce
  • highlight key seasonal ingredients
  • video encyclopedia or library on products (where to buy, how to buy, how to make, origins, etc)
  • growing herb & vegetable gardens
  • wine pairing for recipes
  • local and seasonal information
  • ideas for dinner party menus
  • specialty diets and allergies (alternatives)
  • personal cookbook (ability to make copy of favorite recipes for gifts (iphoto)
  • metric please (measurements)
  • menu planning and execution
  • side pairings for recipes

That’s it so far. Check back early next week and we will begin to pair it down and give you a sneak peak at a few planned design changes?stay tuned

BTW… What is your favorite cooking school lesson so far?


The Entire Rouxbe Cooking School Team at Rouxbe